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    • Entrepreneurs are definitely some of the gutsiest people you will ever meet. They are survivors! Every entrepreneur has stared disaster in the face, usually more than once. We don’t ever talk enough about that part of the story - but we should, because how you overcome those setbacks determines if and how you grow. The thing is, setbacks, while bruising, do not have to be catastrophic. But, that for many entrepreneurs, that’s exactly what they are. And the odds of mounting a comeback are even slimmer for people in underserved and under-resourced communities. There’s just no margin for error. That bump in the road is the end of the road. And that’s really why I started Start Small, almost 10 years ago. Because I just don’t believe that the routine and inevitable challenges of running a business should be disqualifiers, just because of how much money you have, or who you know.  Start Small really sets entrepreneurs up for success. We are doing this with more than 1100 entrepreneurs every year, coast to coast - in New York and California. By providing critically necessary legal, financial and marketing support, we ensure that all that sweat, hustle and ingenuity shows up directly on their bottom line.