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    • As a science educator I am always thinking about controlled variables. What assurances do we have that the person holding the camera/video recording device was holding it the same way each time? Maybe something biased their step or bounce. I also think that where he started walking and videoing from is having an effect on our perception. When the building is near the top of his head, the movement jumps out at us but when it's just the sky above his head we really don't see the movement in the sky because there's no reference point. Just saying...

    • It was still a great video and comparison I'm just saying how you might make it even better. I mean you're going to be a big influencer on Youtube so you have to make sure your comparisons are better than the competition’s ;) Yeah real world complexities will always leave some variability and we get it.

    • Reviewing rear came samples i think DJI Pocket 2 and Iphone 12 are very smooth. I also noticed some exposure shifts on the iPhone which makes the overall experince for DJI pocket 2 more refined.

      I noticed bounce issue in all selfie videos (even when camera is tripod mounted) and it really becomes stressful for me to see even after few seconds.

      What I noticed while watching youtube video, if the shoulders and body of the subject or vlogger is in action or continous movement the phenomena is completely gone,