As a moderator at Cake, I wanted to share a few updates.

A quick shout out to @lidja: I’ve started sharing updates every few weeks, such as the return of Sunday Panels. Here’s February’s update in case you missed it.

Bugs, bugs, bugs. It took two bugs in the system to crash the Sunday Panel from March 1st. As of this moment, one of the bugs was fixed but the second one is keeping the panel down. Good news is that the bug is only affecting this one panel. My apologies to all of the panelists, including those who signed up in advance.

Upcoming interview with an Expert. My currently in-process interview is with an artist who’s been on NPR and in The New York Times. Excited to share more details as we get closer to publication: I’m thinking April or May.

All things Math. I am publishing an audience Q&A interview with a Mathematician/Educator/Author in the next few weeks. We also had some group discussions recently on solving math puzzles from @drewfoster and @Mathgarden


So what do you really know about music? @Apocryphal has been creating a weekly introduction to amazing musicians from the past 50 years. If you’ve always wanted to get into Frank Zappa but didn’t know where to start, Chris takes the time with each artist to direct you to your first sampler as well as to the highlights of what makes this artist worthy of a listen. Part history lesson/part discography, I highly recommend following this conversation and learning something new about music every week.