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    • Doing some random adventure travel planning....Thinking about going to Long Bay, Antigua early December. I read that the flora and fauna are abundant after their Oct-Nov raining season. I have not traveled anywhere south of Bermuda/Bahamas and this looks affordable and with great water activity.

      Please post up some pics if you got 'em! I am mostly interested in weather dates, logistics preference for the island (St. Johns vs. Willikies vs. ?).

      Thanks in advance.

    • So... in St. Thomas now.

      I am struck by the shocking difference between the plant life that is cared for by gardeners and landscapers compared to the island ‘s native vegetation. The resorts are beautiful, as are the yards at many private residences. But the hillsides are gray and very tattered—I think the hurricane defoliated most of the plant life. A lot of the palm trees along the coastlines were decapitated and are now just stumps sticking up from the ground.

      Here is a picture that kind of shows the contrast. Resort in the foreground. Gray hills in the background.

    • wow...thanks for your post up....beautiful sounds very similar to the aftermath of wildfires...those stumps take forever to rejuvenate...are the locals working extra hard for your tourist $$'s or is it business as usual for a destination like this?

    • I’ve heard that the tourists are just now starting to return—locals seem to be pretty ambivalent, though. There is a lot of rebuilding going on, which really changes the whole vibe. Tempers are short, people seem exhausted—sort of burned out. The frustration level is palpable. Everyone’s tired of all the inconvenience. It doesn’t exactly feel like paradise these days.

    • Again, thanks for the realitistic sounds like I might need to reconsider my Antigua trip for a few more years....

      I hope you trip still ends up being fun!

    • We’re here for a wedding, so it’s a happy occasion. :)

      I kind of agree with you, though—postpone the trip for a while and watch to make sure there are no more big hurricanes!