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    • You may be familiar with The Crystal Maze, a beloved British game show that aired between 1990-1995.

      Its unique format included four different zones in which teams of contestants completed various timed challenges. These challenges could be physical, mental, skill, or mystery in nature; for each challenge competed, a contestant would get a small crystal orb. However, if the challenges weren't completed in time, you would forfeit the crystal, and if you didn't leave the challenge before the timer ran out, you'd be "locked in" requiring your teams to exchange a crystal to free you!

      The total number of crystals at the end of the game would tally up to be redeemed for time in the final Dome, where contestants would grab as many airborne pieces of gold foil as possible.

      If the contestants exceeded 100 gold foil pieces gathered, they would get the grand prize and - most importantly - beat the Crystal Maze!

      Besides the fact that the show is such a beloved icon around the world, it's also just really fun to watch old episodes on YouTube.

      So you can imagine it's with a thrill of excitement that I found out there was a Crystal Maze Live Experience that you can actually book tickets for in London on the West End! If you have fewer than 7 people in a group, you can book smaller groups, and if you have a full team's worth of 8 people (or even a private event) you can book that also. The prices vary by day, time and number of attendees, but generally it's about $60 per person to be a part of the show.

      Tickets are booked - and now, on to the show!

    • The Crystal Maze experience itself is located in the heart of the West End, just steps from Piccadilly Circus. As you enter the venue, you check in with the front desk host, then wait in the bar area for your teammates and Maze host to guide your experience.

      Dress for action: you will be crawling on your hands and knees, running around, and more throughout the Maze! The event does provide a locker to stash your purse, wallet, keys or coat in so you can go into the Maze unemcumbered.

    • Once you and your teammates are retrieved from the bar area, you meet one of the friendly Crystal Maze staff who takes you to a room where you watch a brief film, sign a participation waiver (there are flashing lights and dimly lit rooms, for instance) and then you meet your Mazemaster! Our Mazemaster was named Tilly, and was an absolute blast of fun and energy. Our team named itself The Dragons - and we were ready to start tackling challenges!

      You start off in the Medieval Zone, where we completed games of mystery and skill, before advancing to the next level. Each zone is built out just as you saw in the original gameshow, sets and all - an impressive feat in the heart of London.

      Up next? The Future Zone, where skill and strategy meant a win and then a loss (I fumbled on my challenge) for the Dragons!

      Thirdly was the Industrial Zone, where increasingly difficult challenges made crystals won even more dear!

      Finally, we wrapped up in the Aztec Zone - Indiana Jones himself would have been impressed by some of the challenges we got that flexed both physical skills and mental muscle.

      Our team wound up with 7 Crystals at the end of the game - each Crystal representing 5 seconds in the Dome, so 35 seconds in total to grab as many pieces of gold foil as possible! We ended up with 155 pieces of gold grabbed, so we BEAT THE CRYSTAL MAZE!

      While the Crystal Maze will be coming to the United States via Nickelodeon in the future, I'd definitely recommend going to the Crystal Maze Live experience for yourself.

      The Crystal Maze Live Experience is 1.5 hours of totally hilarious fun. Teammates we'd never met before we enjoyed getting to know while running through corridors or hopping up stairs, and even when a challenge didn't produce a win, everything was in a spirit of good fun. While cameras aren't allowed in the Crystal Maze Live Experience, at the end you get to take a team photo with the signature jackets - a great memento of an unforgettable good time.

      You're invited to celebrate your achievements post-Crystal Maze in their bar/lounge area, or you can pick up a t-shirt, your own crystal orb, or other souvenirs in the giftshop. If you're in London or Manchester, don't miss out on The Crystal Maze Live Experience!