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    • You lived here for a year!?!?! I’m going on twelve and I love it!

      A few folks have said there’s a Tom Waits song in that shot. I’m flattered beyond measure.

    • Our third son was born in Wyoming. I used to be a geophysicist there for a year and got to go all over the state and it's incredibly beautiful.

    • nice pics and this is the format I wish others would take, a collection rather then a bunch of individual posts at random.

      Nice work.

    • I’m stunned at what one can do with today’s tech. I made four prints of this photo (one each for the subjects, one for me and an extra), this evening. I used a new $60 HP inkjet, Canon glossy photo paper the highest resolition setting I could, sending the photo directly from an iPhone. The print quality is astounding! 😳

    • In my life I never dreamed a phone could produce such amazing photos. I thought it was against the laws of physics and I am a physicist.