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    • While the fact that 37 year old Voyager was able to use its thrusters is pretty dang cool. I am a little more impressed by the "90 day" Opportunity. The main reason is that it is not in a vacuum. There are slightly more things that I think can go wrong, such as particles in gears. Both are very impressive, don't get me wrong.
      I do think it is amazing at just how long these devices last, yet an iPhone can't last two years...

      Opportunity was launched July 7, 2003. It is still going. Just sent back its first selfie.

    • That is amazing! I can't imagine how many times the rover must have encountered impassable terrain or potentially irrecoverable wrong turns. Not to mention whatever weather it's probably had to sit through.

      To be fair to Apple, I bet my iPhone would last longer on Mars since I seem to drop it about once a week 😝

    • The iPhone thing is something I've experienced since the October update-battery sucks.

      I think NASA under promises and over delivers a little since some things that have not gone so well as they relate to Mars missions. I'm blown away by the science Odyssey & Opportunity & Sprit have accomplished and by their longevity.

    • They're launching a new Rover in 2020! With all due respect to Elon's Roadster, and I have a ton of respect for that launch, this seems way more exciting.