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    • The geo-fencing is very reliable for me and that lock is a 2nd gen (the other two are 3rd gen). Every once and a while, maybe every 3 months, it doesn’t work for my wife (I work from home, so rarely use the geo-fencing). Sometimes the batteries in the lock just need to be replaced or it just doesn’t work for whatever reason. I honestly should swap that one for one of the 3rd gen and see how it goes.

      What features were you looking for that August didn’t provide?

    • What features were you looking for that August didn’t provide?

      I just re-read the specs and it looks like the August Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge gives me everything I want. I suppose what made me hesitant was not knowing how well the auto-lock/unlock feature works. This is the main reason I want a smart lock. I don't think auto-lock will be a problem, but I'm not as sure about auto-unlock. If I'm out walking and my GPS is not reporting very accurately will it unlock my door? Or is it using Bluetooth LE so that I need to be much closer to the door? I'm having trouble finding this info on the August site.

      I've also read reports of auto-unlock delays, leading to the home owner just standing at their door waiting for it to unlock. Some have said it was faster to just get the keys out and unlock the door the normal way. Maybe that was an older generation model?

      By the way, thank you chiming in on this! The idea of a smart lock fell off my radar after I got a bit discouraged and now I'm getting excited about it again!

    • The 3rd gen automatically chooses the best connection type in the app, based on your proximity to the lock (Bluetooth or WiFi).

      Auto-lock/unlock then triggers based on the geo-fence and the best available connection type. I’m sure your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth strength will determine how reliable this works. When you first setup the lock and Connect, it tells you if the signal is strong enough. You can also check the signal strength for both any time in the app.

      I mainly chose August because you can still use a key regardless, but also because it works with HomeKit.