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    • A member's comment on another thread, I give his idea a shot...

      I to dislike bulky wallets. I haven't carried a wallet in a hip pocket going on 3+ decades; I carry a sleeve in my front pocket. I tried a money clip at first, but since I don't have much or carry much paper money I was needing something else.

      I carry my DL, credit card, health insurance card and that's about it. I might stick another special purpose card in but that depends on the trip.

      So what do I use? My EDC (for the last 8 years or so) has been a Saddleback Leather business card holder sleeve. Securely carries 4 credit card sized cards. Plastic cards do not easily slide out and are held securely in the leather. Plus, it only looks better with time.

    • Or, if high-tech is more your style...

      A Kydex shock-chord wallet from the guys at the Violent Little Machine Shop.

    • If you have a wad of cash and want it attach it to the Saddleback Leather sleeve, one can always go "wise guy" style and affix the paper money to the sleeve with a broccoli rubber band.

    • Here is a minimal wallet that I've been using for the last four years. In it, I carry an ID, four cards, and two folded cash bills. It can hold more with the included wider band, but I don't need to take this many cards with me.

    • The wallet is simple but sturdy: two thick pieces of aluminum plates with a rubber band. It is RFID blocking, but that wasn't my primary concern. I actually with the plates were a little thinner.

    • There are two cutouts on both sides to push the cards out. No matter how I take out the wallet, I can always get the cards out without having to flip it.

    • To get the cards out, I press on sides around the cutout of the wallet. This motion spreads the wallet apart, and the card can be taken out even if it is stuck in the middle.

    • What I've been using the last five years and continues to hold up very nicely to wear and tear is this textile wallet. I am still surprised for how long I've had it!

      It holds everything I need, and nothing I don't. Even has a neat little zippered pocket I used to store spare keys.

      Some wear is seen on the hook and loop velcro, but that's not an issue so far.. It has two internal sections for storing enough cash I care to carry and many sections to store documents and credit cards.

      If this one gets ruined, unless I find something even more practical, I will get another one just like it.

    • The aluminum plates in my wallet are so stiff that I can't even bend a single one. With two plates and cards inside, the stiffness index would be close to 9 out of 10, 10 for a solid block of metal.

      When I first got the wallet, I tried putting it in the back pocket and sitting on it. That was a big fail. So now I only carry it in the front pockets of my jeans. On a bright side, since the wallet is so stiff, it can be used as a self-defense weapon. If you take out the plates, they could be used as throwing stars. 🤣

      The Angle Wallet looks super minimal and bendable. The price is a little steep at $80. Since you've been using it for 11 years, that may be worth it, though.

      Does your wallet get loose after a while? Does the stitching hold up?

    • It's definitely holding up. That's why I said if it ever wears out. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasts another 10 years, to be honest.

      Because it's leather, it will stretch if you cram it full of cards and leave them in. So if you keep lots of cards in and then later decide to cut it down drastically you might end up spilling your cards if you drop it. But I seem to remember it being fairly tight initially. It has also been soaked once or twice - one time go-karting in the rain for an hour and a half - so the leather on mine may be more molded than most. I've only lost the contents once or twice that I can remember.

      I initially thought it was expensive, too. It was a splurge for me. But I can tell you it's definitely worth the price. As it is now, the cost is less than $8 per year of use for me.

    • The price is a little steep at $80.

      It may also be worth noting that I paid $80 when I bought mine. So he hasn't raised his prices in more than $10 years.

    • The Saddleback sleeve does stretch a tiny bit. But not so much that a card or DL has ever slipped out on its own. The sleeve in the image I posted is going on 6 years of EDC. Stitching is rock solid. It's been through the washer more than several times, I jumped in the ocean with it in my pocket while fishing on a hot day, yet, the sleeve is not showing any signs of needing replacing.

      When I bought mine they were $12 (I bought 8 units in all colors). Dave realized his leather products were grossly underpriced and raised prices about 200-300% several years ago. Still a good deal today, just not a bargain.

      I'm not worried about a failure of any sort and needing a replacement, Dave offers a no questions asked 100 year warranty!