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    • When we started SmugMug in 2002, everyone said we had no chance because Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, HP and Shutterfly all offered unlimited free photo sharing and they were blue chip brands with the money and scale to sustain it.

      Microsoft eventually sent an email announcing their closure and you had two weeks to fetch your photos or lose them.

      When my sons bought Flickr, they had to quickly do away with the 1 petabyte of free storage.

      Meanwhile, Apple charges, they store an unimaginable amount (I know the number), and they make bank doing it.

      Amazon offers unlimited photos, both RAW and jpeg, with your Prime subscription.

    • I was a HUGE evangelical for google products until they started telling everyone their services were the future and then pulling the rug out from under you. G+ (which I was on from the first day of the service to the last) was the last straw for me and now I never recommend google products or services to anyone.

    • Even without free unlimited storage, Google Photos is still one of the best online photo storage services around.

      I wouldn't call them the best. Most convenient, perhaps. But, I could be wrong, yet they allegedly also parse all that data and use it to enhance ad algorithms or what have you.. Viewed through that aspect, it wasn't ever really a free service, it's just that now they decide the tipping point from which they need to also start collecting $$ from end users.

      I'm not a facebook user but wonder when will they also start charging - if not already.

    • I'm not a facebook user but wonder when will they also start charging - if not already.

      There are these 'functions' that are free, but over time the benefit these corporations have over the general population (vast majority pay nothing for Google services, for example...) is lock in.

      The deal has been you get the information to target ads to us for the ability to use the service(s) of the platform. If the Book of Face were to ever consider this...that could be the beginning of the end, in my mind.