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    • Open water swimming has always been my weakest point in the triathlon racing. Not enough yardage in the pool equates to a slow swim. To compensate for that I try to get the “fastest wetsuit” hoping that it will save me a minute or two.

      As always every brand claims theirs is the fastest and most comfortable one, so it is really hard to objectively say which wetsuit is the one to get.

      I have been swimming in Roka Maverick Elite for 4 years. I loved it, but after so many races it has developed a few holes in it. So I decided to upgraded to Roka Maverick X for this season.

      What is your favorite wetsuit and why?

    • Here is a photo from HITS Napa 70.3 Triathlon that I did with a friend John Savage. He also got the same wetsuit for this season and this was our first swim in Roka Maverick X. John was the first overall out of the water with a blistering fast 00:24:44 swim. I came out 11 minutes later