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    • A lot of people have been talking about how they love the topics feature of Cake. And it’s definitely an improvement over hashtags on other platforms, which invariably I forget to read because you can’t follow hashtags on most platforms.

      At the same time, I don’t feel that I’m alone in wanting to follow people who are amazing conversationalists, no matter what the topic is.

      What I personally loved about blogs in their heyday was the community of regular commenters on a popular blog—I often looked forward to their insights as much as the blogger’s.

      So I was wondering if their was a way to “duct tape” a solution to following people on Cake.

      And there is, but it’s not pretty.

      If you click on a commenter’s name, you will be brought to their profile with all of their recent posts and comments. Bookmark their page and save it to a folder marked Following.

      The next time you log on to Cake, open your bookmarks in seperate tabs. If your goal here is to follow 500 people, than clearly this solution won’t work. But you’re probably better off on a different platform. But to follow a half dozen to a dozen conversationalists is doable with this approach.

    • Thanks, apm. There are a few people on Cake I follow that way too.

      Is it that you want to see every post those conversationalists make regardless of the topic? Or are you afraid you don't follow topics they sometimes post in? More?

    • Hey Chris,

      Great question! Think of it as going to a party. People tend to gravitate towards the guy or gal who has interesting things to share and is able to convey them in an engaging way.

      S/he could be talking about Indian motorcycles for twenty minutes and people are eagerly listening and asking genuine questions, even though they came to the party with zero interest in motorcycles. Then the guy/gal talks for thirty minutes about hiking the Appalachian trail and the same thing happens.

      One of my favorite plugins for Firefox was Stumbleupon. It often shared intriguing stuff that you had no idea you were interested in. Your Featured timeline definitely brings back much of that joy, but following great conversationalists allows me to personalize and create my own “Featured Conversations.”

      Does that make sense? I have no idea if the above is shared by only me, or if it’s antithetical to @Julianne’s evolving viewpoint over the past three weeks of what Cake is/should be

      , but it is something that is akin to following a blog commenter over multiple blogs.

    • yes I’ve been inside Cake only half hour. Already I am seeing old friends but I am frustrated that I can’t follow them. The only way I could let them know I’m seeing some of their posts is to comment. And follow the posts they commented on and then follow that post. But if the OP doesn’t come back to a post, they are lost again to me?

    • I am discovering new things about 🍰 all the time: there is an All timeline that shows posts from everyone! A bit similar to the Federated timeline on Mastodon.

      I love love love this!

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