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    • What I recall from long ago about FB was that I had real life acquaintances who turned out to have an overriding interest in some topic which was of no interest. But because we were acquaintances, we were sort of stuck with each other. But on G+ I encountered people whose overriding interests were exactly what I'd like to read. Sometimes they come with eccentricities. Sometimes the eccentricities are too much. But quite often they are great. On G+ right now, I follow 1600 +/- 50 people, 22 Communities, and only two collections.

    • Oh my! It's a good thing out of nowhere I decided to check back into Cake tonight! I am blushing per your compliments. I too look for people who I find fascinating. I follow each person based on their interests, not necessarily mine. On G+ I likely follow about 3,000 people and it's silly but way way more than that follow me. I only made "Collections" because I learned that ordinary public posts would not necessarily be seen by people who I follow and followers of me. I don't know why 100,000 or so folks follow my food posts. I have ideas why 21,000 people follow many Collections of mine. But I personally never follow anyone's Collection alone. I follow the person, not just a facet of the person. Am a big believer in the idea that when you see a post or topic you do not like, just scroll on past. If you really want to know something of what makes a person tick, you will not only look at a tiny facet of them. For an artist, it would be like people decide who I am only by the photos of rocks I post, or maybe they think they know me because I have a Collection about furry animals. I am not interested in people who only want me to share what they prefer.