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    • I would follow 500 people if I could. I can't look at 500 posts a day, but I loved the experience of hearing from hundreds of fascinating people on G+, and I surely could not imagine what all they would talk about on any given day. But - like @cobalt in this thread - who I follow elsewhere since fairly recently: I did not realize Cobalt was even on Cake until I stumbled onto this thread - thanks @apm . Now I could cobble together a folder of links to work around the missing "follow" feature and keep seeing cobalt here, but no: I believe site developers have a concept of how their page should work; who am I to sully it? It is fine if the developer wants to adopt suggestions or not, it is the developer's to win or lose. I will not "fix" it here or anywhere; I will simply gravitate to where the content is most alluring - casting my vote for the platform(s) with my presence. Although cobalt and I are not particularly well acquainted as yet, she has interesting facets and I follow her where its an option (G+ and diaspora, so far).