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    • I have a very unique in that I am both very impulsive and I am also a massive procrastinator. Often times I make swift decisions without first thinking them through or I will just not make a decision at all. It would be great to figure out how to balance out the two and make rational decisions rapidly and with thought.

      This article is great for people who are looking to become entrepreneurs or who want to become more successful entrepreneurs.

    • This tortures me because for some businesses certain decisions can be enormously consequential. Do you decide to move fast and break things or do you take the time to think through the consequences of sharing data with advertisers like Cambridge Analytica?

      It seems to me Gary is running an ad agency and his decisions can be quickly reversed and not much harm done, yet he has everything to gain by getting out there fast with a new ad while things are trending. But what about Apple deciding to go into the phone business? Steve Jobs dithered over that decision for many years.

      Maybe the question is how to make the really consequential decisions well and time them right?

    • I was about to say moving fast might be a necessity of marketing. Then I recalled Apple's 1984 commercial. It's timeless for their brand.

      Gary's advice works especially well for people who like to "learn while doing" - the types that don't want any lesson or book and just dive in face first - when attached to this statement, "I'm obsessed with intent. It's the 'north star' of every decision I make."

      If you don't know where you're going and why you're going that way making any decision at all is brutal. Doesn't matter how fast or slow you think. So his point on intent is key for making decisions faster.

      One more thought on Gary - he's like Edison rather than Tesla. And since we know his life's dream is to buy the Jets (which I think he'll achieve and hope he does) it serves him well to be more like Edison (who made all the money) than Tesla (who died broke but well remembered and loved by the nerds).

    • Thanks, Chris! Just finished watching the clip. Goosebumps. I've been a huge Bilyeu fan for years, so your instincts were spot-on. Thanks for sharing.