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    • Sorry, I guess it is MAINGEAR. ๐Ÿ’‚โ€โ™‚๏ธ I probably have no right to post my enthusiasm here for this new machine since my hardware aptitude amongst this crowd is technically equivalent to a baby's pacifier...but, I have lurked over at PCPARTPICKER and wondered if I should take on the task of building my own PC box. I would probably be successful but, it would probably take time away from my adventuring and then I would get frustrated. So, then I wondered if I offered one of these builder/artists to build me a similar machine....I am thinking my next machine will be around $5K mostly because of the motherboard being able to handle 128gb of DDR ram, and maybe one of these new sexy graphic cards coming out....but, for the powerdrive of inevitable video production, I need cooling. Water-cooled such seems so James Bond cool nowadays....or, maybe Ethan Hawke So, I guess this company is mainstreaming these badazz looking machines....MAINSTREAM I never make Santa's good boy list but hopefully I have a surge of business in Q4 of this year that will allow me to "justify" one of these machines. Any of you super wonks have an opinion?

    • I think if you do both of the above will end up with an awesome machine, plus it will be satisfying to build and customize! Am not sure what you intend to use it for primarily, but maybe ad a powerful Nvidia card and start mining for Bitcoin? LOL!

      I am running a water cooled 6 core AMD as my daily web browser machine. The water cooled fan died after about 4 years but no complains as it was really quiet. The motherboard also died recently and I replaced it with a MSI gaming one. So all I have kept is the case, power supply and CPU & memory. It keeps on running fine, it's plenty fast for what I need but it's certainly no gaming rig to today's standards. I do like playing with virtual pc's though which this does very well, even better when I'll finally decide to spend more $$ on bigger SSD's.

    • I am not actually a gamer but someone who would like to better develop my movie making skills and currently with my WIN7 8MB of ram and a decent video takes FOREVER to render anything out of AfterFX. The link to the new video card is not avail yet but supposed to be 10x the horsepower of any of nVidia current cards.

      It would be fun to build my own box but the watercooling implementation looks too tricky for my mambo hands and fingers. LOL

    • First, I highly recommend getting another 8 gigs of RAM (if supported). 16GB is a very efficient and cost effective method of helping to speed your machine.

      Second, if you own an nVidia card with a large number of CUDA cores, I highly recommend getting and using DaVinci Resolve. This is Hollywood quality video processing for color rendering and video scaling that is optimized for CUDA video cards. Even the free version of Resolve is capable of class-leading color correction and sharpening at super speeds for up to full-HD, 1080p.

      I am running an old Dell XPS 8300 with a 2nd gen i7 CPU and a RAID 0 C: drive, with a GeForce GTX 960 (the largest this computer supports with the OEM PSU). The GTX 960 has 1024 CUDA cores and Resolve processes Full-HD color and sharpening plus scaling to 720p for distribution, all @ 2x speed, so a 15 minute video processes in less than 8 minutes.

      For a Windows 7 machine I suggest installing Resolve 14 because Resolve 15 requires an OS upgrade, but 14 installs and runs great on Win 7 Pro.

    • Agree about RAM and SSD hard drives also speed up the system.I convert rips to MPEG4 on a Win7 (just movies, no real editing) laptop, and the SSD harddrive made it very useable. Boots in 25 seconds.