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    • I am typing this on my late model 2008 Apple Mac Pro desktop computer. I've never had to backup my computer to do a fresh install and have never done a standard disk defrag yet my computer keeps chugging along as fast as it ever has, in fact even faster now since I installed 8 gigs of RAM. I've had to replace the graphics card and chose to upgrade the ram as mentioned but nothing else. As Apple says - it just works. Well all that seems to be changing because Apple has now dropped my computer from the regularly supported computer list and I'm stuck using an older iOS. How old is your Apple and how has it been working for you? Will you buy another Apple?

    • How old is your Apple and how has it been working for you?

      1 year. Ok. Could use more RAM but doubt Apple will deliver on that. I’m maxed out now. Keyboard is awful. It breaks, half size arrow keys are hard to hit, and no hard esc.

      Will you buy another Apple?

      Yes, my career relies on it as I develop iOS apps, like one for Cake. I also really do like macOS. I think it's a big win over Windows.

    • I’m also a big Apple fan as evidenced by 2 Mac Pro towers (2010) an iMac 27” (2009) and MacBook (2015). All are still chugging along great! However with each software update I feel that they are getting a tiny bit slower.

      My iMac has seen the most upgrades in its almost 9 year old life. Motherboard was replaced about 7 years ago then harddrive failed and was upgraded to an SSD about 2 years ago. Lastly, I’ve maxed out the memory to 16GB and it really made a big difference in terms of speed.

      Mac Pro towers have been running smoothly with just memory upgrades and SSDs as well. I plan on using them for the foreseeable future as long as the apps keep on running and are up to date.

    • Brian Strong

      I'm using a 2015 MacBook Pro Retina and it's still holding up very nicely. Some claim this is the best laptop ever made:

      I've watched my colleagues and friends struggle with dongles, battery issues, trackpad issues, and more with Apple's latest version, so I'm not likely to upgrade until I absolutely need to.

      You can actually still buy the 2015 model; however it's limited to the 15" screen with integrated graphics. 😭

    • I use a late 2016 15-inch MBP retina (the first one made with the touch bar).

      I've had very few problems with it apart from the requisite donglefest. I don't mind the touch bar, but I'm also not crazy about it. I rarely use it except when I have to. I really like Touch ID though.

      Before this I had an early 2015 13-inch MBP retina that I liked a lot except that it was underpowered. I upgraded mainly for the discrete GPU in the 15-inch, but in hindsight it hasn't been as useful as I'd hoped, and I kinda wish I hadn't bothered.

    • 2010 macpro, running el capitan. like the storage but probably need to install ssd as a boot drive.

      2010 13" macbook pro. I like the connectivity, sd slot in the side, upgradeable hard drive. Upgraded from a 2006 15". Nice upgrade at the time,

      13" macbook. love how light it is, great screen, but a pain having to swap connectors when adding photos, sending stuff to gps, etc. I prefer to use the macbook pro for travelling, it's heavier but more verstatile, the macbook is great for using around the house, so light.

      I would like a new macpro but don't really need it. i have 32g ram, loads of storage, and it works. probably won't replace until it breaks. It is great for editing photos and dual screens are nice but I probably spend 99% of my time on the macbook.

    • wow 32 gigs of ram. I can't even imagine many programs utilizing that much. Can't the macbook do stuff wirelessly or is that too slow in comparison to cables?

    • I bought Superduper when we were hearing all of those stories about hijacked computers that were asking for a ransom. After doing a bunch of research I determined that Superduper would be the ticket. I've only used it once or twice though and just made an image copy of my main drive at the time. How do you use it or rather how would you recommend I use it more effectively? Keep in mind I use Time Machine with a 3T backup drive.

    • Time Machine is great when you accidentally delete a few photos or documents, You can go back in TM, find them and restore.

      I run superduper once a week on the macpro. I have one internal drive setup as a superduper clone. If the main drive fails, I have an exact copy which I can use.

      You can schedule superduper to run once a day, week or month.

      I got the memory from Crucial a few years ago when it dropped in price. I used to use it for work and would have a few virtual machines open running different versions of windows, the extra memory helped to keep everything running smoothly.

    • I'm paranoid about backups, so I have multiple layers.

      Time Machine backs up to my NAS. Arq backs up to Google Cloud Storage. My primary NAS gets backed up weekly to a secondary NAS that lives in my detached office in case a meteor hits my house.

      Time Machine frequently just decides it can't talk to my NAS anymore and requires manual intervention to fix, which is super annoying. Arq has been super reliable though, and has saved me many times.

    • Wow you are thorough and I'm guessing you use your computer for work. I've also had issues with Time Machine over the years. It'd just stop backing things up for no apparent reason so I'd have to manual start it up again. It happened reguarly for about a six month period but then ended so I'm guessing it was some kind of upgrade issue or possibly a permissions thing. Who knows but it sure was a pain.

    • Yep, I use my computer to help build Cake! There‘s nothing worse than losing hours or days worth of work, thus the paranoia. I’ve been burned before. Never again. 😄

    • Similar to me when I write essays. When I'm done I have about 14 different titled versions of the essay on 3 different drives :) I've never lost more than about a third of a page :) Of course I'm not as good about backing up my own computer data but my stakes aren't as high as yours.

    • I'm using a 12" Macbook from 2016. It feels as light as a 7" ipad, so I can just pick it up and wander around without thinking about it. It is pretty underpowered, but most of what I use it for is work which is all text editing / web browsing.

      The only real drawback about it is that there is only 1 USB-C port. This theoretically shouldn't be an issue but I have run into issues with substandard dongles that can't handle larger external monitors. This results in tearing or image flicker. For a Macbook pro this isn't an issue because you can just dedicate one port for power to the machine and one port specifically for video. With subsequent updates to the OS however, it has become less of a problem. Just be careful with your dongles!

    • my 12" macbook continuouly drops wifi connection. From sleep, I have to turn off then on wi fi and it can randomly drop the connection after this.

      I googled and tried the fix recommended on apple community of deleting all wi fi preferences, restarting..

      Didn't work.

      Wondering if anyone here had the same issue and a possible fix.?

      I've reset router, airport extreme also.

      All other devices on my home network are stable and don't drop wi fi connection.

    • I'm no computer expert but I know some laptops have problems with wifi when they are moved from one area to another. Are you finding you have the problem only when you carry it to another location? For some reason laptops even sometimes have to be restarted to pick up the wifi again. Hopefully someone has an answer to your problem.

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