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    • Surprised this one hasn't come up already, guess Cake really is new, Here’s one I'm sure everyone has something to add to, or it gives an idea of something to go out and shoot on the weekend. Look for local old buildings and see what fun you can have shooting them. The initial shot is the start of the fun the next part is the post processing to bring it into something old worldly that suits the shot. Last year I spent a few weeks in Western Australia, in theory to shot the wild flowers, turns out I was twelve months two early, this year they had the most amazing year for wild flowers over there, we weren’t quite so lucking wild flower wise. More on my traveling companion in a future post some time. But one of the most published Australian Photographers Australia has known and still shooting, educating and all round having fun. As part of our travels we came through a place called Kalbarri on the west coast of Australia, and apart from some amazing landscapes, sea scapes and gorge country, we came across this amazing old shearing shed, I spend a few hours in the shed taking shots, then a few hours working out how best to process them. Happy with how these turned out. Certainly brings the spirit of the building to print. Shearing shed at Murchison station Kalbarri. Let’s see what everyone else has as old buildings or buildings processed to look old. 

    • Which ever you think best suits the building, some colour works well, others the old glass plate style processing comes out nicely. You choose to suit the building.

    • If only these walls could talk...
      The post processing has worked really effectively @julianne

    • That's the man. I've done three trips with Steve now, Central Aust, Tassie and WA. The man has an increadable number of books out and still producing great images after 50 plus years in the industry.