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    • A constant battle I have is to be happy and healthy and succesful and follow my dreams and passions while having enough time to be a great father of 5 and husband and do fun, memorable, quality things.

      What's the solution? Please don't say frame of mind :-).

    • Holy moly 5 kids is a lot! We just had our first and it has really taken quite an effort to adjust the life / work / caregiver balance.

      My philosophy is that there are 4 essential groups of things that need focus and attention for a balanced life: Work, Personal Hobbies, Diet / Exercise, Family / Friends.

      One mistake I see a lot of people making is sacrificing 1 or more of these because they feel that they are lower priority, but they are all heavily intertwined and boost each other. For example: diet and exercise have a direct effect on mental focus, higher brain function, depression etc. and can boost performance at work as well other aspects in life. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    • This is such an important yet difficult question to answer. In my opinion everything is an investment in the future. As people go through stages in life their time "investment" strategies change based on priorities and environment.

      There is a single fundamental that has to be fulfilled, which is to be healthy physically and mentally. Everything else is held by this pillar. Your happiness, your relationship, your kids and your job will go sideways if your health starts to falter. No one but you is responsible for keeping yourself healthy.

      Once this is fulfilled, the rest will always be balancing act on a daily basis. Don't give into the FOMO!

    • I know every career is different and this wouldn't work for many people, but it helped my situation. For most of my career, work was crazy demanding of my time. So I looked for ways to involve my kids. If I had to travel, I'd buy a second plane ticket and take a child. They'd be thrilled at getting to stay in hotels. I'd even take them to dinner with clients. They'd be fine reading a book while we talked and the clients would typically be charmed.

      I had to work many weekends at NeXT, Steve Jobs' company after Apple. The boys would bring their Transformers and set up battles on the rug in front of Steve's office. One day he showed up in his shorts without a key to the building, so he rang the doorbell and one of our sons ran down to see who it was. It was the thrill of their lives to discover Steve at the door. Steve had to tiptoe through all the Transformers to get to his office. I don't think they will ever forget that.

    • I love this. It makes me wonder what other successful people have done....maybe that should be a conversation by itself :-) We could learn from examples instead of some blog or news citing Here Are The Top Ten Way To Balance Life and Work.

    • I started thinking about W/L in terms of rhythm, instead of balance, because it seemed to fit both my work and my desired play more closely. I love to travel and have adventures, and those don't fit in xx minute periods in a day. With that said, I completely agree with Eric's list, and I agree that each needs focused attention day by day, you can't focus on health once in a while any more than you can relationships.

      The rhythm thing helps me, though, by making it feel right to take a week or a month off and not think about work, knowing that I will focus again when the time comes for that. Those periods away are instrumental in helping me be productive.

      I also made my work closely relate to something I passionately enjoy, and that helps too.