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    • Hey again! It's time for part 2 of of this let's play where we are playing Starsector. This time we are going to

      Last time, we went over character creation, getting around, and basics of combat.

      This time, we are going to take on a few more ships and customize them. We are also going to take on hordes of pirates in our quest to clean up the sector.

      Without further ado, lets get flying!

    • I decided that 2 ships is not nearly enough for hunting pirates. We did alright so far, but as we level up we will see bigger fleets. We should head back to Jangala station and see what they have in stock. I usually prefer shopping at military stations like this because they have extra ships and outfits, and are usually higher quality (fewer d mods, or lasting damage).

    • Here is a look at their available civilian ships, sorted from biggest hull size to smallest. You can get warships here too but the bigger warships are fairly uncommon. The only warships available here are a couple of Wolves.

    • We have high enough standing with the Hegemony that we can see their military stock. There are a bunch of bigger ships. I'd really love to get my hands on one of those Eagles but we don't have a commission with the Hegemony, much less the standing or money to buy one.

    • I decided we should pick up another Kite and another Wolf. The Kite is such a great survivable distraction for us right now, and the wolf will help with some extra firepower. Right now I'd like to stick with more smaller ships so that we don't get swarmed.

      In the image below, I'm checking out what missile outfits are available for our new Kite. The Kite has 2 small missile hard points and one small gun turret mount. Luckily this station has exactly the missiles we want: a Salamander MRM for disabling enemy engines, and a Harpoon MRM for finishing ships with downed shields.

      One really awesome thing about the Salamander is that unlike other missiles, it has unlimited ammo. This lets the Kite stay useful in combat for support even though it only has one tiny gun turret.

    • Outfitting is fun but I usually don't like spending a lot of time on ships I'm not going to fly personally. Luckily, Starsector has a really good auto refit tool where you can pick a standard load out style and it will fill weapons from whatever is available: your fleet inventory, station storage, or buy from the station store.

      Here we picked assault because we want more firepower. This looks pretty good except all we have for our small laser mounts is mining lasers which are really weak. It would be better to have some real point defense in the back for taking out incoming missiles and either a small pulse laser in front for damage or an ion cannon. It's ok though, we can improve things later as we find better gear.

    • We'll switch our secondary pilot, our dear friend Io over to the Xipe Totec. This is a random generated ship name which at this point seems a bit lame. We can always rename it to something better later on.

    • Alright, back to the action! We'll go hunting for some pirates again. What do we have here? No match for our shiny new fleet.

    • This is a ship we haven't seen before. In the middle of the screen is a shepherd. It has a small fighter bay and uses mining drones to help it fight. They aren't strong but are annoying and can be used for point defense and shoot down missiles.

    • After hunting a few more pirate fleets, we head back to Jangala to add some non combat ships to our fleet. We need some more cargo space for what we fight when fighting and when we go scavenging so we're picking up a cheap Mudskipper shuttle. We also need to hold more fuel for when we go into deep interstellar space, so we'll pick up a Dram fuel tanker as well.

    • While chasing pirates we have bit off a little more than we can chew. Two smaller fleets have teamed up against us and it's 4 vs 6 (our mudskipper and tanker won't fight). They have a bunch of d-mods but they also have a Wolf. This might be tricky.

    • Lot's of running away ensues while I desperately hope that the rest of my fleet is doing alright.

    • Things are looking good. Only a couple of ships left. You can see me running for my life in the bottom right still.

    • Whew. We are humbled, but ok. We'll need to be a bit more careful in the future.

      If our ship had been destroyed, we had a chance it would have been recoverable, but it would have had some d-mods on it like degraded engines or something. That would have hurt dearly since our fleet is so small.

    • We've run out of pirates in the Corvus system. We'll head to the Galatia system since there is an in system bounty there too.

    • After exiting the system jump point, we have entered interstellar space! The fluffy clouds are nebulae; they are harmless here but can really hurt our ships in deep space. We'll get into that in a later episode.

    • I think that's enough for today. I'll leave you with an image of us taking on our first destroyer class pirate ship. It's a Hammerhead.

      See you guys next time!