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    • I've been feeling a need to visit butterflies. Watching these delicate creatures fills me with a sense of wonder and feeds my constant need for beauty and color.

      Yesterday the air was cold and the roads were dry. It felt like a good day for a road trip to the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in South Deerfield, MA. It's just over 90 miles from home, a drive of just under 2 hours on a combination of highway and 2-lane roads. It was worth the drive!

      I was the first visitor of the day when I arrived in mid-morning. I had the space almost to myself for a while, sharing the butterflies with staff members. A few more visitors arrived before I headed home.

      Even with knowledgeable staff around it wasn't always possible to get names for the butterflies. It's funny - some of the new-to-me butterflies only stopped moving briefly. I had nothing to point at when I was asking about a name.

      This one didn't share its name with me: