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    • It's long been known that the Simpsons have an uncanny way of predicting many world events decades before they actually happen, right down to Trumps escalator ride when he announced his presidency.

      Now it's being said that The Simpsons predicted the current Pandemic way back in 1993, except in The Simpsons episode the flu virus comes out of Japan.
      What is unusual however is that in the same episode as the flu pandemic in The Simpsons, killer bees also make an appearance, just as the arrival of 'Murder Hornets' in the US is announced.


      Writers are seated around a conference room table littered with coffee cups and crumpled up pieces of paper. The Head Writer of The Simpsons is doing the daily rundown.

      HEAD WRITER (to Conan O’Brien)

      Okay, we’ll keep the Krusty the Clown as late night talk show host bit. Conan, this is great stuff—it’s like you were born to write this.

      (to Intern)

      What’s next on the rundown?

      INTERN (to Head Writer)

      The new guy wants to pitch a story about Homer causing a global pandemic.

      HEADWRITER (to New Guy)

      Okay, Nostradamus, let’s hear what you’ve got for us.

      FADE OUT

    • So in Simpsons land after President Trump's term ended the US got it's first female president in the form of Lisa Simpson.

      Could the Simpsons have predicted the next big thing in the US? Given the US election system and where things are at now I doubt it but I'm putting it down now just in case it happens and I can say I called it.

      What other things have The Simpsons depicted that could come true in real life?

    • What other things have The Simpsons depicted that could come true in real life?

      The Simpsons introduced a device that could translate a baby’s gibberish into speech reflecting their feelings and desires.

      “I want what the dog is eating.”

      Perhaps “Siri Baby Edition” is in the works.