So I took the Rocket III R back to the dealership and was talking with their Sales crew. I've been friendly with the Sales Manager for a while now. He used to be at the Harley shop I get the Press bikes from and is keen for more Social Media content - so he's happy to lend me shop bikes. I've already had their Scrambler out for a few Days and I'm going to grab what I think is the equal-best looking bike on the market today, The Bonneville T120 next. (Do you still want my job?)

As I walking out one of the Sales asked me, "when I was putting a deposit down on the Rocket?"

Right beside the side exit door is a Matte Black Tiger 1050 with free luggage.

I pointed at it and said, "If I was buying a new motorcycle today it would be that one."

Best 'do it all' road bike on the market: