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    • I hear a bit of panic in your “voice,” which is probably due to the fast approach of the end of the year, so I will forego laying the groundwork (which, honestly, is essential).

      Whenever I’m offering what little useful advice I have about careers or starting a business, I always try to slow things down and get the individual to focus on their foundation. A friend is fed up with their job and wants to apply to everything on indeed, I give them an interviewing book recommendation or some interview questions to practice in the mirror. It not only builds a strong foundation but it also provides time to reflect on and refine their strategies. Because idea 1.0 will usually benefit if it has a chance to simmer. And lastly, you rarely have a chance for a “do-over” if you completely botch a meeting with a prospective employer, investor or donor.

      It is a real dilemma though when this is the time of year when a significant percentage of annual giving is made.