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    • Wirangrong (a poem in Old Javanese)
      Author: Sejarah Jawa Kuna
      Read by Christianese

      About the Song
      Wirangrong was made with Propellorhead Reason using Samplephonics Garahand Tuned Percussion, Auditory Vortex Random Bells, Around the World in 80 Raves PlanetZ Music Loop, Mystic Dreampads Amplitude Grove, Under Your Spell Triple Guitar, and SoundScan Ethereal Ambient Atmosphere. The recording of the poem was sliced up and rearranged, however, it can heard in its full and original form at the end of the song.

      About the Music Project Name
      Syntropy: A tendency towards order and symmetrical combinations, designs of ever more advantageous and orderly patterns. Evolutionary cooperation. Anti-entropy. 
      - Buckminster Fuller

      Evocative of synthesizers, certainly, but more importantly, a suggestion of utopia.  Syntropia. Music for overcoming entropy - since 2006.

    • Propellerheads Reason

      Welcome to Cake, Hadrian. 🙂 When you first posted, I didn't know what to make of it. I had never heard of Propellerheads Reason or any of the other things you mentioned, so I asked Google. It took me into a world I never knew existed:

      Now I'd love to know more. Can you give us some background?

    • Thanks for your reply. I'll be happy to give some background.

      Back in 2004, I decided to start making original music. I did some research and found out what equipment the Berklee School of Music required their composition students to have. That lead me to get a 17-inch PowerBook G4, a MIDI keyboard and Propellorhead Reason. I've since updated my hardware, but still use Reason.

      Here is how Berklee describes Reason: "With a rack of virtual instruments, effects, mixers, a comprehensive sequencer, extensive groove control for fine-tuning the 'feel' of your music, and a patching system that emulates real-world hardware setups, Reason provides a nearly complete production environment for producers and engineers." It's one of several digital audio workstations available for musicians to use.

      Reason comes with a set of ReFills that contain samples, loops and instrument patches. What I listed in my description were the commercial ReFills I used in the song.

      Recently I've been exploring BandLab, a social music platform that allows for online collaboration with other music creators. It's lead to some interesting music, like my setting the poetry of e.e.cummings to heavy metal. (It works surprisingly well!) I'm hoping to discover music creators here on Cake and see what comes from making new connections. Thanks for helping provide this platform and this opportunity.