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    • After watching the weather forecast and accepting that Wednesday would be a crazy rainy day I headed to Acadia National Park on Tuesday, wandering in the park through Friday and then heading home again.

      As predicted, it was raining Wednesday morning. Along with the rain there was a high wind advisory.

      I dressed for wet weather and headed out walking (sans camera) in the morning. I walked the Great Meadow loop from Bar Harbor into the Wild Gardens of Acadia and back again. After my walk and about an hour inside, I realized that the wind advisory had expired and the rain was intermittent. It was time to head into the park again.

      When I reached the ocean I was in awe. The waves were wild, crashing into the rocky coast.

    • I planned to walk on Ocean Path, a trail that parallels Park Loop Road from Sand Beach to Otter Cliffs. I first stopped at Sand Beach, thinking it would be a good time to walk on the beach. Nope! The beach was closed because of dangerous surf.

      I walked to Thunder Hole to find that it was also closed. Ocean Path was open and was high enough above the water to be a good place to walk and to watch the ocean.

      Some people are absolute idiots! Would you believe there were some folks who ducked under the barriers closing the area to get closer to the water?

      A ranger came along. Rather than risking her life she stayed on the inland side of the barrier, waiting for the misbehaving visitors to exit to talk to them. It was clear from their reaction that they didn't care. I wonder if they understood that there have been deaths in the park where people have been swept out to sea.

      I grabbed a couple of photos of a straight drop to a beach made of rolling round rocks on Wednesday - look at the ocean!

      Here is the same spot on Friday, a day when the ocean was calm.

      I feel very lucky to have seen the wild ocean on Wednesday... while I've seen ocean storms before I think this is the craziest water I've seen.

      I'm glad I was able to grab two photos of the same spot in very different conditions.

    • Behold, the sea itself,
      And on its limitless, heaving breast, the ships;
      See, where their white sails, bellying in the wind, speckle the green and blue,
      See, the steamers coming and going, steaming in or out of port,
      See, dusky and undulating, the long pennants of smoke.

      Today a rude brief recitative,
      Of ships sailing the seas, each with its special flag or ship-signal,
      Of unnamed heroes in the ships -- of waves spreading and spreading far as the eye can reach,
      Of dashing spray, and the winds piping and blowing,
      And out of these a chant for the sailors of all nations,
      Fitful, like a surge.

      Words by Walt Whitman