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    • How did you decide to go back to school and what kind planning went into that?

      As an adult, especially with a family like yourself the financial implications are massive. I occasionally think about law school, or a coding academy or motorcycle maintenance training. The opportunity cost of pausing careers to time off for school is not insignificant.

      How'd you do it?

    • I'm doing it all, which isn't easy. I decided to just take one class per semester while I still work.

      My counselor at Harvard and a few friends I talked to who did it said it'd be about 3 - 5 hours of work per week, but I managed to be the lucky one who took the class that required 35 - 40 hours per week. It was crazy tough as I had to give up my weekends and a lot of sleep because my 50+ hours per week job didn't take a break for my education.

      Because I got an A, my employer reimbursed my class so it didn't cost me anything in the long run.

      If you go the coding academy route you would probably find yourself losing a lot of sleep like I did. My class was a Linux Systems Programming course, so when you get assignments like write a web server or pong in 10 days, your spare time is shot.

      With that said, it was worth it because it was a fun class and I learned a lot in an area that is outside of my comfort zone. The feeling of accomplishment was excellent - nobody can ever take away the fact that I went to Harvard and got an A in a class that even a 9 year Harvard student classified as the hardest she ever experienced.