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    • BandLab is where musicians and music fans from all over the world come together to make, collaborate and share music -- and sometimes, revise a Spice Girls song without knowing it.

      I've been posting my music on the Bandlab website for almost a year now. I've been honored to have a playlist of my songs judged to be one of the best on the site. But I'm not there for adulation. I'm there to learn.

      I've been creating music on my own for years. As part of the Bandlab community, I now have the opportunity to find musicians who hear my music in theirs, or their music in mine, and then, together, create something new. In the process, I'm increasing my musical vocabulary and challenging myself to work in genres I haven't before. I've made a stab at country music and heavy metal for example. The latter turned out surprisingly well. The first, not so much. And then came my accidental foray into pop music. I have to admit I'm willfully ignorant of most of the past few decades of pop.. So when I revised a Spice Girls song from the 90's, I had no idea I had done it. Here's how that happened.

      One of the Bandlab members did an instrumental cover of the hit sing "Wannabe" and posted it without identifying the source. I imagine he thought everyone would recognize the song. I didn't. In fact, I can't say I've ever listened to the Spice Girls on purpose.

      But when I heard the cover, without knowing it was one, I liked it and decided to see what I could do with it. The result was a song I call "Hush." Music geek alert. I use the music production software.Reason by Propellerhead.and the "instruments" have some pretty obscure and fanciful names. Just to give an idea of how I much I revised the song, I'll say that on top of the instrumental cover, I added the SK Bright Lead, the Octavonious, the Psycrafter Synth 17, the SR Triple Delay Piano, and Echovox Deluxe Voices. The point is, who would recognize the song with all that added to it and especially after I increased the tempo of the underlying track?

      The Spice Girls - Wannabe (Official Music Video) on Youtube has been viewed 394,561,245 times. I can now be counted as one of the viewers. I'm astonished that I revised the song. A Bandlab friend sent me the link to the video and said "I like your additions. Did you know that this is actually a song called "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls?" He added, "It took me a few listens to your revision before I realized it could be the Spice Girls." So, I almost successfully altered the song to make it my own! After watching the video I told my friend, "thank god I hadn't heard the song before. I wouldn't have had a clue what to do with it!"

      Have a listen to the song if you like. Sometimes accidents can be fortunate. And if I hadn't told you, would you know this all started with the Spice Girls?

    • I enjoyed your spoken word musical creation. Very well done, the pace of the oration balances nicely with the speed metal riffs. For whatever the reason, it stylistically reminded me of Sunscreen.