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    • This weekend I took my son to have his first real train ride. Here he is looking through the window of a bright red children’s play barn. The red really popped, but I really like this photo in high-contrast black and white.

    • For street photography, it's hard to find harmonious color--garish advertising, bright red no entry signs, ugly nylon jackets, etc. B&W reduces the distractions.

      It's not that color is worse; it's just harder.

    • I love black and white. I take lots of photos in b&w when out friends and share them via Google photos. One day I got a 360° camera and shared some photos I had taken.
      My friend showed his 5yr old, he said he liked my new camera because my other had no colors!

    • I love colour. Vibrant seascapes and landscapes generally come to life with blues, greens, reds and yellows. It soothes the soul. Black and white with its highlights, shadows and grey gradients in my mind is more of a document of an event. It forces me to investigate the image more. I also think B&W ages better, if that makes sense. Then there's the distraction of colour in certain images.

    • Godriguez (a.k.a. mark rodriguez)

      i love black and white, you really capture the moment when used properly because it drills down to the essence of the emotion in the shot void of other (color) information or distractions

      one of my most favorite black and white shots i ever created was of my daughter playing the lava game when we were staying at a hotel in St Augustine on vacation. it is grainy, it is slightly out of focus, but the emotion and elation in her face is undeniable in that moment

    • I'd pick b&w over color 99 times out of 100 but most viewers want it the other way around.

      To me there is so much more depth and feeling in a b&w shot, plus theres the fact i did my degree in b&w, I guess I'm also biased because before the shot I can visualize it in monochrome, color just ruins so many aspects

      These were shot at a funeral of all places in Taxco, Mexico, the coffin was carried to a church and it was then pointed towards the front door for person to have there last farewell before they were taken to the cemetary. It was mostly a very joyful celebration and the casket was followed by a mariachi band

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