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    • That's fascinating.

      The amazing thing is I just spoke to a close friend of mine who converted to positive this last week end , and he says he ate lunch at a meeting last week, 10 feet away from someone, who was also found to be positive a couple days later. He estimates they were only in the room together at least 10 feet apart for no more than 10 minutes. TEN minutes.

      As far as he can reconstruct, that was his only known exposure.

      My friend is currently quarentined for 10 days. He says he feels fine, so far....

    • Johns Hopkins recorded the first case of coronavirus in the United States on January 21. After that ...

      8 days later, on April 28, the US hit 1 million cases 
      44 days later, on June 11, the US hit 2 million cases 
      27 days later, on July 8, the US hit 3 million cases 
      15 days later, on July 23, the US hit 4 million cases 
      17 days later, on August 9, the US hit 5 million cases 
      22 days later, on August 31, the US hit 6 million cases 
      25 days later, on September 25, the US hit 7 million cases 
      21 days later on October 16, the US hit 8 million cases 
      14 days later, on October 30, the US hit 9 million cases 
      10 days later, on November 9, the US hit 10 million cases 
      6 days later, on November 15, the US hit 11 million cases
      6 days later on November 21, the US hit 12 million cases
      6 days later on November 27, The US hit 13 million cases
      6 days later on December 3rd, The US hit 14 million cases
      5 days later on December 8th, The US hit 15 million cases
      4 days later on December 12th, The US hit 16 million cases
      5 days later on December 17th, The US hit 17 million cases
      4 days later on December 21st, The US hit 18 million cases