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    • Hey guys, thank you for alerting us of this problem!

      @kevin spent all day yesterday trying to get to the cause. The latest, it seems, is that our provider Stream, which handles notifications and feed updates, has been experiencing timeout issues. When this happens, all kinds of problems start to creep up on Cake. It doesn't help that it is a holiday season and it is hard to get to some of the experts until after Christmas. In the meantime, Kevin is doing all he can to keep the site error free.

      Please keep us posted about any strange things you are experiencing. It is super helpful!

      Will keep you updated as soon as I know more.

    • I learned to thrive in an environment dominated by confusion and drama, this is really a piece of Cake! Appreciate all the updates and efforts to pull the twilight zone veil off of the site.. in the meantime.. (what was that song theme?) Life is all about having fun!

      Edit: The thing for me it seems, because of the linear organization structure of the site the user's perception becomes kind of FIFO, and perhaps things were meant to die over time by design, or no one thought of it, I can't know that. And now without a decently timely awareness of conversation updates, a lot can get completely lost from the experience. Sorry it's not meant as a critique, even if it may come across as one.

      On the reverse side of the coin, seems the addictive part of Cake has already taken hold of us!! Hahahaaa

    • Just to give more feedback, I noticed this issue 4 or 5 days ago. Thanks for creating a post on it. I too was wondering if Cake had found a time wormhole into another dimension.

    • Yes, I agree, the notifications seem much more real time interactive now, like they were originally.

      Great thanks to the folks in the engine room who seem to have things up to speed again.😍

    • FYI, I've been varnished today:

      Error 503 first byte timeout

      first byte timeout

      Guru Mediation:

      Details: cache-fty21337-FTY 1583262434 2364172681

      Varnish cache server

    • Thanks for the head’s up. I know the team is trying to solve a problem related to this weekend’s Sunday panel. I will tag @Vilen so that they know of these new error messages.


    • It was sometime in the morning. But dead solid I tried the site few times and was no go, had to get on with other things this started looking more and more like work ;) .

    • Thank you and everyone who’ve reported this issue! 🙏

      Kevin discovered and fixed a bug that caused havoc only in this panel conversation. It is the first time we’ve seen this bug since releasing panel conversations feature a year ago.

    • If you ask me, I think the Universe has its ways of telling us something. Then again, I was abducted by gypsies as a kid.. hahaha!

    • to @StephenL also

      Me either - I really hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I am still getting the same error message and and I did a cold reboot of my Mac last nite, and dumped my cookies from yesterday - I'm running a 2017 iMacPro with OS version 10.15.3 which I believe is the current version and I am using Safari 13.0.5 which I believe is current also

      Using the Brave Browser on my mini iPad4 is get the same error message - 500 "Something Broke" when I try to post on the Sunday Panel: What's on Your bucket List for Travel Destinations


    • So, I fixed an issue that prevented Dracula from accessing the site, though I have not yet fixed the panel bug. Unfortunately, we miscommunicated what was fixed.

      The bug with the panel is an isolated incident that I have yet to fix, and does not affect any other conversation/panel. I’ll keep you posted.

    • I thought maybe it was something I did, or maybe you just didn't want Hoosiers wandering in......😃