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    • I'm a big fan and have watched every episode so far. The latest one "Season 2, Episode 8: "Kiksuya" is incredibly touching. It is one of the only episode I can recall that focuses less on the violence and more on character exploration of an individual who is supposed to play a trivial role in the Westworld narrative.

      Which episode has really grabbed you so far?

    • I loved that last episode! It was by far my favorite of the entire series (so far). While it didn’t tie up any huge plot points, I was riveted by Ake’s narrative, and the whole episode had some incredible performances.

      Enjoying the series overall, although sometimes I’m really straining to put together what’s going on 😓. I feel like I need to watch it again.

      Also, I get hung up on weird questions like: are all the animals in the park fake? And if so, do the hosts (and guests) eat the fake animal meat? Not that important, but I’m really curious about that.

    • That last episode was fantastic, but yes following Bernard gets pretty confusing.

      There's some interesting discussions on dual timelines that date right back to the first season that I hadn't even picked up on, based around which version of the company logo is shown in scenes.

    • I watched the first season. I thought it was interesting and well-produced. I have to confess that the sluggish pacing has dissuaded from me from watching any more than the first two episodes of the second season.

    • Same here. I've been watching the second season, but I'm a few episodes behind because I'm finding it to be a bit of a slog. The plots of the episodes so far (with one exception) haven't been very compelling to me, and I've had trouble maintaining interest. But I firmly believe in not yucking someone else's yum, so to the people who are enjoying it: I hope you keep enjoying it! 😄

    • Just watched S2 E8. It's so beautiful and by far my favorite episode. It's such a tangent from the direction the show seems to be going. A focused vignette on one individual contrasts from the frequent context switching. They stepped up the story telling.

      My love for this episode was biased because I too have stood on those same Coral Pink sand dunes in a remote and isolated corner of Utah. Such an epic place almost no one has heard of.

    • I'm with you here. I've basically decided to just wait until the season is over and then i'll do a couple marathon sessions so I can stay in the moment. There's a lot to unpack each episode and sometimes I forget...

    • The whole "multiple timelines" theory is really interesting, and I've at moments wondered if that's what's going on. If this is the case, their approach to it has been pretty cryptic thus far and they'll have a lot of work to do in order to resolve all of these loose ends neatly.

      I'm half expecting a sort of Lost situation where we're still left with a lot of big, unanswered questions when the series is over. But we'll see.

      In any case, I still find it pretty entertaining.

    • I'm half expecting a sort of Lost situation where we're still left with a lot of big, unanswered questions when the series is over. But we'll see.

      That's a big fear of mine. I do not want to be let down like I was when Lost ended. Indeed, there are so many unanswered West World questions. I sure hope they'll eventually give me closure.

    • I watched episode 10 last night which in theory was the grand finale.
      Bernards multiple timelines are really close together but they still confused the hell out of me.

    • I also watched it a couple of days ago and I walked away pretty confused with all these multiple interweaving timelines. If anything it left me with more questions than answers, which is probably the point of the season finale: to keep you waiting and wondering until next season...