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    • I loved that last episode! It was by far my favorite of the entire series (so far). While it didn’t tie up any huge plot points, I was riveted by Ake’s narrative, and the whole episode had some incredible performances.

      Enjoying the series overall, although sometimes I’m really straining to put together what’s going on 😓. I feel like I need to watch it again.

      Also, I get hung up on weird questions like: are all the animals in the park fake? And if so, do the hosts (and guests) eat the fake animal meat? Not that important, but I’m really curious about that.

    • Just watched S2 E8. It's so beautiful and by far my favorite episode. It's such a tangent from the direction the show seems to be going. A focused vignette on one individual contrasts from the frequent context switching. They stepped up the story telling.

      My love for this episode was biased because I too have stood on those same Coral Pink sand dunes in a remote and isolated corner of Utah. Such an epic place almost no one has heard of.