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    • Welcome to our CST 147 Cake Community! Throughout this semester we will be using the CST 147 Cake Panel as a forum to share ideas and information. We will start things off by introducing ourselves and I will go first :)

      I am Nicole Ryan, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Delta College. I began teaching at Delta in 2011. CST 147 is a very creative, high energy class and it is one of my favorite courses to teach! I also teach several web development courses, Intro to Programming and Computer Competencies. Outside of my life at Delta, I spend a lot of time skating, biking, walking or doing anything outdoors (weather permitting, I do live in Michigan.. ).

      I have 4 children and 3 grand children that are the light of my life. During the Spring and Summer I often travel with family to Grand Marais in the Upper Peninsula. Grand Marais is my favorite place in the world. The photo below is from a trip to Grand Marais last year with my grandsons and my dog Cooper.


    • Presentation #1 - Presentations as Stories

      The first presentation that we did was my favorite of the semester. The contrasting idea that I used of longing for sleep after having kids immediately came to mind when I thought about what topics I could present. It was fun bouncing back and forth between what life used to be like and what it is like now.

      Presentation # 2 - Hack Your Life

      This was actually the second project that we did, but I also had a lot of fun with it. We had to create an "instructable walkthrough", so I decided to create a walkthrough of a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I make that is really yummy. I like to bake, so it was an enjoyable project, and in the end i got to eat cookies... so win/win.

    • Presentation #1: A Tale of Super Heroes and Villains

      This was a very fun presentation to make for me. I liked that I got to tell one of my favorite Super Heroes stories from my point of view, as if I was the director! I loved tying all of the concepts together and connecting the dots, and I feel that if someone never saw the movies I talked about, then they would still be able to understand what happened to this character and his progression. I would highly recommend keeping this presentation in the course because of how fun it was!

      Presentation #2: Hack Your Life

      Again, I very much enjoyed this project. I liked how it made me take something that I do often, and teach someone how to do it. Making a YouTube video isn't a very hard thing to do, but someone might get stuck at some point and I really do feel that my presentation would help someone through it. I also feel like I gave a great background as to why I am making this presentation, that a lot of people who do YouTube videos can relate to.

    • The first presentation I enjoyed doing was "Prezi and the Monomyth". It was fun trying a new type of presentation software and trying to figure out the features available for use. I feel like I will use Prezi for future assignments due to how intuitive and engaging the experience is rather than programs such as Powerpoint. I like the way my presentation turned out and it was fun reflecting on my past vacation to Colorado.

    • This presentation was one of my favorite projects for the semester. I did this presentation about Dragon Quest XI, and it is one of my all time favorite video games. I spent over 250 hours playing this game after it was released in America, so talking about the heroes and villains of the story was very fun. If you like rpgs or video games about adventuring, I definitely recommend this game to you!

    • My second favorite presentation this semester was the Hack Your Life assignment. I described how to hook up a Sega 32x to a JVC xEye. It is definitely a complicated process, and can go very wrong. Hooking up a cord to the wrong input could cause your game to show up, but no characters! This presentation was fun to create because afterwards I got to play Doom!

    • Jacklyn,

      Fun choice of project. I liked the pictures you chose and how you summarized the movie. As I have to give a suggestion for future projects, I would say perhaps you could provide more information on her early life and make mention of her role in the larger Justice League. Great presentation! I also liked how you included the trailer, as that let us see the whole thing tied together.

    • Grant,

      This was a great presentation! Iron Man is one of my favorite super hero movies, and you did a great job retelling the story. I liked how you used clips from the movie, it really brought the presentation to life. One possible suggestion is to end the presentation on his end scene where he announces to the world that he is Iron Man and fully claims that identity in front of the world. It was a very enjoyable presentation! Great work!

    • Slade,

      I too enjoyed the Grind My Gears assignment. It was fun venting irritating things and putting them in a presentation. I liked some of the choices you made - book prices are pretty ridiculous, that one made me laugh. I too am not a fan of shopping - I am one of those guys you listed in the pictures. As I have to give a suggestion, I suppose it would be to maybe include some movies or gifs in the next presentation to get some movement and not just pictures. Overall, a very fun presentation!

    • I really enjoyed this presentation because it focused on one of the biggest issues going on in the world right now. The presentation was focused on using quotes and pictures to show the effect of pollution on earth. Being able to show how much harm we are doing to are planet is something that should be done more often. We only get one earth to live on so why destroy it by polluting?

      This is another one of my favorite presentations. Pretty much just talking about all of the things that annoy me and grind my gears. I have never done another type of presentation like this. Being able to just talk about the things that get on your nerves is very relieving. This was such an easy presentation to do and was easily one of my favorites.

    • Jordan,

      I like your idea of using the pollution topic as a presentation. I liked that you said you wanted to use quotes, but facts and photos would've been a strong fit I think for this presentation. Even from all different areas of the US countries and even outside of the US pollution is a problem, so good job emphasizing that.

    • Hi Slade, i really enjoyed your presentation. What Grinds my gears was also one of my favorite presentations that we did. it was nice venting and writing about all the things that bother us. i liked all the examples you picked out i think almost everyone can relate to. Running out of beer, no one likes that. Gas Prices, no one has nothing good to say about that. and smelly people, i think we all can agree.

    • Hi Ben, i think you did really good with your presentation. i too enjoyed this assignment, Hack your Life. Although i'm not one to play video games, your presentation was still enjoyable, very detailed with your pictures and comments.

    • Hi Jordan, i think you did an awesome job on your pollution presentation. with just using photos and quotes i think you really got your message across clearly. i really like the topic you picked as well, as it is such a huge issue. you did a good job showing how serious pollution is.

    • This is one of my favorite presentations that we did. for one it was one of the easier presentations. it was also nice venting things that bother us. in my presentation i decided to vent about everything i dislike about my job. even though there is a lot of negative about my job in the presentation i do still enjoy my job.

      This was another presentation that i enjoyed doing. just because i am really passionate about the topic i chose. i chose to talk about why animal circus's should be banned in the U.S. , trying to raise awareness of the animal abuse that goes on in these circus business's.

    • Hi Grant, I really enjoyed your tale of superheroes and villans presentation! I love marvel movies so really enjoyed reading yours. I liked how you added short clips of the moive on most of your slides. Great job!

    • Hi Jordan, I really liked your presentation on pollution. All of the images and quotes really helped give your message across clearly . Polluting the earth just keeps getting worse and more people need to help out to try and clean up our earth and oceans.

    • Ryan, I absolutely loved the presentation on how to make perfect cookies. It was very well thought out and I loved the visuals that went along with the presentations steps. If you were looking to add a funny aspect to the presentation, I would recommend possibly adding a short clip of you eating the cookie to demonstrate how that is supposed to be done as well, other than that great job!