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    • I enjoy huffing and puffing about the politics of the day, usually with a generous helping of outrage. But I'm not a policy wonk. My interests tend to be the welfare of the people and the defense of liberal social policies.

      I enjoy talking about the oddities of human behavior. People fascinate me -- when viewed from a safe distance -- and I always wonder about what's going on in their minds.

      I enjoy talking about food. That includes both food I've tried an enjoyed, as well as food I've not tried but am curious about. I like finding out what others find tasty and I'm interested in food preparation techniques.

      I enjoy talking about movies -- and occasionally TV shows -- that I've found enjoyable, moving or perplexing. Sometimes I need help figuring them out.

    • I enjoy learning about people's stories - personal experiences, history, first-person narratives, autobiographical pieces.

      I love discovering new ideas, comparing and contrasting books, film, TV, podcasts and more.

      Seeing the artwork and creativity of others is very inspiring: while I may not be the world's best photographer (I tend to value quantity over quality, hoping that one out of fifteen photos will turn out!) I appreciate the unique creative visions that other people can bring to life.

    • I enjoy talking about my addiction to photography. With my passion for landscape photography this often includes talking about travel destinations and hidden gems. My passion for macro photography leads me into learning discussions about flowers.

      With the craziness in our world right now I seem to have been pulled into talking about politics, yikes! (Yes, that's all I'll say here.)

      As a retired-for-just-over-two-years individual I enjoy talking to others about their passions - as a possible way of wandering into new explorations.

    • Well, well, well.. I don't pretend to know everything about anything.. but I do like picking the brains of those around me.. in a respectful way of course! I like lots of things, but I do tend to gravitate towards topics of traveling to unique destinations, I make an effort to travel somewhere new every two years.. 'new' usually means somewhere outside my own country but not always, because Canada is rather big. ;)

      Dabbling in photography has always been an interest and possibly learning new techniques behind the craft when time permits, I'm a bit old-school with my trusty Canon D-SLR and some old point-n-shoots.. I haven't gravitated to phones yet, I still have an ancient blackberry and HTC, but perhaps, when I do, I'll go big with a Google Pixel 3 or something to that effect.. ;)

      I always enjoy learning something new but nothing too far flung or wacky.. stuff about the environment, green or grass roots living is something that intrigues me.. ways to better myself, and keep healthy.. I love my cycling (more road than mountain, but I do both), ult.frisbee, and always trying to improve my vball game.

      I love my music. I don't really play, but I'm an avid listener of many different styles/genres. If it's original, has a biting instrumental, or a captivating voice ~ and it's NOT top 40, I'm usually right there! I grew up on opera and progressive rock. My older brother was an audiophile and researched all the obscure stuff coming out of Europe in the 80's, so I was exposed to all that and 70's prog at a very early age, when my peers were listening to Casey and the Sunshine Band or something silly like that.. ;) I like goth, post-punk, ambient electronic, cold wave, some 'new' wave, industrial, avant garde, post-rock, an appreciation for the blues/jazz pioneers, and even classical music.. although I lean towards modern or neo-classical.. oh and some experimental trip-hop that is not pretentious or repetitive.. then I'm game!

      I do have a soft spot for art and poetry.. two things I wish I was more committed to. I used to dabble quite a bit in art, but then life got in the way of that, but maybe eventually, I'll get back to it.. surrealism is where it's at for me.. graphic design and appreciation for architecture go hand-in-hand..

      I was a programming geek at one point in my life, then I realized programming was NOT a life, just a means to better something else... I have long since jumped ship, but still get drawn into it from time to time.

      Oh and I do love science fiction and medieval stuff.. history used to fascinate me, particularly what made the genius's tick, and the motivation behind certain events in history that I would never want to see repeated. That kind of stuff...

      Yep.. and I tend to ramble..... .... .... ... . .. if you haven't noticed ;)

    • I dug up this post and thought it was worth asking again:

      ***Please respond in complete sentences and/or more than 280 characters.

      What do you enjoy talking about?

      I enjoy talking about problem solving, mathematics, Big Data and artificial intelligence. I’ve studied some of these topics extensively and have a genuine interest to know more.

      I enjoy learning about people’s life experiences. Were you there during a moment in history (the falling of the Berlin Wall, the final concert of the Clash)? Or did you experience something amazing this past weekend?

      I enjoy discussing more than debating ideas, although I do enjoy reading a civil debate on Cake on occasion.

      I enjoy discussions on movies, science fiction and stuff that makes me laugh or smile.

      What about you?