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    • First off, Victoria, thank you so much for doing this Cake panel interview with us. We have come a long, long way. We still have a long way to go. And a lot of the growth and success has been built off the amazing team we have here. Everyone works incredibly hard, and it’s wonderful to not only see a great product go to consumers buying it in a wide variety of stores or Amazon, but it’s so moving that each and every purchase means there’s a soap we can donate.
      When I was a subcontractor for USAID I was able to learn about the US development work all around the world, this is where projects were happening, this is where we were going. And back in 2009, there wasn’t a lot of focus on hygiene. Oftentimes in international development, there’s an acronym - WASH - for Water Sanitation and Hygiene. I wanted to focus on the hygiene aspect, because there’s a lot of focus on water. And I wanted to create an enterprise that could sustain itself while giving. So I wanted to sell soap to take care of the hygiene projects around the world. So I googled how to make soap and started doing that in my kitchen. And the first batch turned out pretty well!