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    • I would say being up in Northern Mumbai, that was such an amazing experience, and being able to really work, roll up our sleeves, and learn from our aid partners there as well as contribute was fantastic. Our Aid Partner was Sundara Fund, and we were going over WASH education with them - water, sanitation and hygiene. It was a weeklong trip, and we were able to be part of a welcome ceremony for a Soapbox-funded WASH education program. It’s a building where soap is recycled. The soap is recycled from hotels, and we also fund hygiene ambassadors who go and teach health and hygiene to children throughout the local community.

    • Sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram. And we also have the privilege and honor of being on podcasts or publications on a pretty frequent basis. We hope you follow us, see what we’re up to. One of the biggest things I’m always blown away by is how everyday goods, simple purchases, can really add up. REALLY add up. And the whole idea of Soapbox is that we want to provide an amazing product that’s naturally sourced and that not only provides a wonderful experience for that consumer but also enables them to make a difference throughout the world.