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    • As you’ve grown Soapbox from just bar soap to hand soaps and body washes, to hair products and lotions, what are you looking forward to next?

    • We’re going to be coming out with hair oils, deep conditioner, a hydration hair mist, and a bunch of other products are coming down the pipeline.

    • Sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram. And we also have the privilege and honor of being on podcasts or publications on a pretty frequent basis. We hope you follow us, see what we’re up to. One of the biggest things I’m always blown away by is how everyday goods, simple purchases, can really add up. REALLY add up. And the whole idea of Soapbox is that we want to provide an amazing product that’s naturally sourced and that not only provides a wonderful experience for that consumer but also enables them to make a difference throughout the world.