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    • Our house has been paralyzed for a year wrt e-bikes because my wife wanted to try before buying, but all the good ones have long lead times so you don't get to try unless you know someone with the model you want, which we don't.

      Finally she got tired of waiting and held her breath, hoping the RadWagon was not as unwieldy as it looks. I mean....heavy! Long!

      It took me 2 hours to assemble it last night and the whole time she was wringing her hands, worried that it was too big and heavy. When she finally got a chance to try it, HUGE smiles. Kids on back, shopping trips, she loves it.

    • She's right, though: big!

      Unfortunately, the extras we ordered like a front basket, passenger seat and pegs, saddlebags, and running boards have not shipped even though we ordered them 3 months ago. What a boom in e-bikes the world is experiencing.

    • I’ve bought two ebikes now and I think it’s the future. E-tiny cars would probably also be great. Make special paths for them. Scooters rock as well.

    • I stopped by Chris's house yesterday and took this Rad Bike for a spin. I've never ridden an electric bike before, but the electric assist made an impression on me.

      The electric motor only kicks in when I start pedaling, but there is a twist throttle control for manual override. The throttle is super handy when maneuvering in tight spaces. I twisted the throttle and kept my feet sliding on the ground, and quickly turned the bike around in a driveway.

      It is a heavy bike, but it didn't feel as heavy when riding it. The gears are turning now about getting an e-bike for my dad.