Dude....you and your darned thread


Mamiya M645 1000s looks like a great creative tool and I could probably be out the door for under $600.

I'm new to this and I've already gone down the path of searching for medium format film cameras. I'm currently in love with the idea of a Mamiya 7.

Did you use The Darkroom for your processing?

Yup! So far so good! They make the process painless, the negatives came back perfect, and the scans are great quality. I've heard great things about Richard Photo Lab, but they cost quite a bit more.

I sorta like the idea of NO IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION and what a great way to kill the "chimping" habit!

THIS. Yes yes yes. Film has made me let go of this obsession and be more present. It makes me slow down, be more aware of my surroundings, the quality of light, and make each shutter press count. It's super satisfying.