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    • Oh yes now that I'm getting into it, the Nikon FM2 looks like a fantastic camera! I see two benefits over the AE-1: Faster shutter (1/4000 vs. 1/1000 on the AE-1) and the ability to do double exposures. I know double exposures can be cheesy, but it seems like something fun to get creative with.

      I like shooting wide apertures, so the 1/1000 shutter speed has been a limiting factor in daylight. I could use slower film, but I've been using mostly 400 speed to try and be versatile for both indoors and outdoors.

      It just occurred to me, maybe I should get an ND filter? 🤔

      This was a surprise... the very first exposure on a new roll of film! Being a film newbie, I didn't know this would happen, but I love how this shot of my son licking his ice cream unexpectedly turned out. Too bad it's just a little under-exposed. Oh well, I still love it!