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    • I guess I can be forgiven for cheating on my current cars in my heart because Porsche has already taken 30,000 pre-orders. 🤯 They originally expected to sell 20,000 the first year. It is expensive...

      I want to love Teslas, I really do. I completely admire them. But just look:

    • Ok, since we sharing hypotheticals....after I win that $300million lottery I never play, my new custom modern home would require that in one of the main living spaces I would have the ability to drive this Taycan on to a round turntable of sorts where this would spin slowly as a work of art should.

      Of course this same house would have an Aprilia mounted on a wall with a racetrack background and the bike would be at an angle so it would look like it was racing. Even tho Dr. Rossi does not ride for Aprilia, maybe I would also hire a wax artist and have the bike mounted by a Rossi likeness. hahahahahahha

      Lastly, I think road bikes can be real works of art as well so I would have to have a Tour de France wall and bike as well. I understand now how it would be exhausting to be rich. hahahahah

    • I understand now how it would be exhausting to be rich. hahahahah

      The biggest problem with being rich is that someone always exists, who is richer. ;-)

    • True story: at one time I was swept away by the look of the MV Augusta F4, so I ordered one to put in our house as decoration. They said it would be over a year for delivery because they had to work out California emissions.

      When they called a year later to give a status update, my wife answered and cancelled the order. I hadn’t told her... It sounds like I’m awful, probably am a little, but she loves motorcycles, I’ve bought surprises before like the two motorcycles we have now and she loves them. Exotic racing bike I could kill myself on not okay tho.

      Could never pull off a Porsche Taycan as surprise.

    • OMG...that is a REALLY funny story.....oh, to be a fly on the wall when the post-order cancellation happened. hahahahah....Was the Ural a surprise to the family? Is seems everyone loves that addition including your Lab....

      BTW....when I first saw those Augusta' heart skipped a few beats. Funny how 10+ years later they don't look exotic as when they first came out but still super sexy.

    • Yes, the Ural was a surprise because to ask permission is to seek denial. The whole family adores it, even Batman (although technically, you could say he’s not part of the family).

    • You have so many killer shots with that Ural! This is priceless! I love the shot of your wife and your dog as well and so many others. You should become a Ural "Influencer". Free advice. hahahahash

      Turns out where I get my jetski serviced, they are the Ural dealer in Las Vegas....mostly as a photography prop, I could really get into owning a Ural.

      Have you seen this?

    • Thanks! Yeah, I saw that. Why is it that I can get really excited about an electric Porsche but not an electric Ural? Something about electric powered vintage vehicles don’t grab me.

      But this grabs me:

    • You know, I had not fully processed my -feelings- about the electric Ural but you nailed it perfectly. Anything vintage or retro seems anti-brand with EV. And, yes, the sleekness of that Porsche oozes Solar System Out-Of-This-World coolness.

      Please buy one and drive it to Las Vegas for a photoshoot. Pretty please.

    • To me, which I think you nailed....EV on vintage cars is way different because you still keep the nostalgiac look in place. The EV Ural looked sort of like an oxymoron if there is such a thing.

    • Ok, I am so very late to this thread party. I apologize, but there's so much stuff to chat about in this thread I just have to jump in. My drool factor for the Porsche in Chris' first post photo is insanely high. I mean it could make a man that just trekked across the Sahara without water, drool. I didn't trek across the Sahara and I just made a puddle of the stuff.

      But it's probably just me that the "lightly camouflaged" Porsche in the video did not float my boat. At all. Think an overloaded Edmund Fitzgerald on a storm tossed Great Lake not float my boat. But then again, I like the edgy versus smooth designs. It may be the difference between concept and production. In the case of this production model, I'm a little sad.

      Now, as for Vegas' motorcycle on a turntable... get on with it man! You won't be the first but you'll love it every day. Run out and get one of those rotating watch stands and put your favorite model on it. Light it oh so nicely and take a few photos. Post online and no one will know for the better. Mission accomplished. Bike in your house on a turntable. Truth. As for the Rossi thing, if he races a few more years, he may be on Aprilia. He's won on just about everything else.

      Last thing... As for that Ural/Batman picture. That Batman is a fake! Now, I'm not saying that I'm Batman, but no one has ever, ever, seen Batman and me in the same room. Just some food for thought...