I'm not discussing politics - but potential financial situations as a result an election.

FWIW, I’m a political strategy junkie and I devour everything I can on the moves made by the campaigns.

At this point, Sanders “lead” in most polls is within 3-5 points of his nearest competition. Most polls have a margin of error of 3-5 percent, so it’s not a decisive lead.

There are three pro-Wall Street candidates challenging Sanders: Biden, Buttigieg and Bloomberg. Sanders has to knock out all three.

Bloomberg is spending per week on political ads what Buttigieg has spent total over the past three months.

Warren is falling behind because she’s more muted on her support of Medicare for All.

Warren’s campaign is now openly fighting with Sanders, over the Sanders campaign canvassers saying Warren only appeals to Affluent Democrats. In addition, Warren’s campaign has accused Sanders of saying in 2018 that Warren couldn’t win because she’s a woman.

I think there’s too many balls in play right now for Wall Street to be worried yet.

Agree with @rtwPaul that you’ll start to see the market reacting at the end of Q1: thirty one states will have had their primaries between February and March 31st. March 3rd, Super Tuesday, will have 1,345 delegates at play.

But the above is just my opinion.