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    • its happening...Tesla shares inch closer to Musk's $420 take-private offer. At 9.30 this morning shares hit $412.59

      What will happen if they do hit $420, most analysts and traders feel Tesla is overpriced.

      It's been a crazy recent run in the latter half of the year, up around 40% since earnings, 23% this month and 13% this week, but for the year the actual gains are at 22% the same as the Dow Jones but short of the S&P with a gain so far this year of 26%,

      So was/ is Tesla a good investment in your eyes, did you get in on this run, were you lucky enough to buy in on August 23, 2019, and caught a gain of 91%

      Do you find Tesla interesting and a possible future investment or is it like a car crash, you don't want to be involved, but can't look away?

    • I actually did purchase a small position back in August, and I sold calls today against some of it, at a strike of 500 by next May, and I also sold a couple puts at a strike of 320 for next May as well.

      It's really hard for me to believe it will reach 500 in 5 months, but then it was in the low 220s last August, so anything is possible. I am pretty certain it will either be higher or significantly lower by next summer, time will tell

    • I was in and sold at 385 IIRC last time around right before the drop to the 200's, I didn't jump back in because I lost trust in Musk, to me he just seemed to volatile and one or two crazy comments could affect the stock regardless to the companies numbers/ performance

      Now I just watch from the sidelines and jumped into a ETF that includes Tesla in the portfolio, I find it a little safer of an investment

    • I may regret my wild hare here, but it is a thrilling ride...🙀

      If the current administration gets trumped, in the fall election, will that be good, or bad for Tesla?

      So many things that affect investment decisions these days, that really have nothing to do with business...

      I tend to try very strongly NOT to be a market timer, but a long term owner, but I'm not sure whether any of us will want to be business owners after next fall; it is really hard to filter out the noise anymore.

    • Well now....

      TSLA hit 518 and change this morning - so I may get my strike 500 calls called. I looked at rolling them further into the future, but didn't find the premiums offered a compelling bargain a few days ago.

      This market is really feeling a bit scary to me - what if Mr. Sanders were to win the election?

    • I'm not discussing politics - but potential financial situations as a result an election.

      I'm just saying that the market does not seem to be seriously considering all the possible outcomes with equal certainty.

    • I hear you on that, but I personally would wait until the end of the first quarter to see how things are developing, before jumping to any conclusions, especially with the Iran issues, that again could make a difference, EV's vs ICE and price

    • I'm not discussing politics - but potential financial situations as a result an election.

      FWIW, I’m a political strategy junkie and I devour everything I can on the moves made by the campaigns.

      At this point, Sanders “lead” in most polls is within 3-5 points of his nearest competition. Most polls have a margin of error of 3-5 percent, so it’s not a decisive lead.

      There are three pro-Wall Street candidates challenging Sanders: Biden, Buttigieg and Bloomberg. Sanders has to knock out all three.

      Bloomberg is spending per week on political ads what Buttigieg has spent total over the past three months.

      Warren is falling behind because she’s more muted on her support of Medicare for All.

      Warren’s campaign is now openly fighting with Sanders, over the Sanders campaign canvassers saying Warren only appeals to Affluent Democrats. In addition, Warren’s campaign has accused Sanders of saying in 2018 that Warren couldn’t win because she’s a woman.

      I think there’s too many balls in play right now for Wall Street to be worried yet.

      Agree with @rtwPaul that you’ll start to see the market reacting at the end of Q1: thirty one states will have had their primaries between February and March 31st. March 3rd, Super Tuesday, will have 1,345 delegates at play.

      But the above is just my opinion.