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    • BH Photo has a good sale on Synology NAS:

      Synology DiskStation DS718+ $309 (originally $399) with the coupon code: SYNOLOGYBF19

      It is sold out now, but it can still be added purchased and shipped once available for that price.

    • eBay is having a Black Friday sale on an brand new Sony A7R IV and no tax.

      I would have been highly suspicious of that deal. Typically if I am spending over a $1000 on some camera equipment, I want to have relationship with the vendor. Ebay has totally screwed me over in the past on an auction experience, so my pallet is severely tainted.

      I can share that the a7RIV is a wonderful body that I am still learning many of the nuances and have barely scratched the surface with it's potential.

    • I ended up ordering a WD 12TB drive at Best Buy for a pick up at the store. They said it would be ready in an hour. So I drove to the store 2 hours later just to make sure it was ready.

      It took about 30 minutes to actually find parking on the top floor of 6 story garage. I’ve never even been on that floor before and there were very few spots left even there.

      Then I went down to Best Buy store, which was a human zoo. The checkout line was probably at least an hour long.

    • Since I ordered the WD drive for an instore pickup, I headed straight to the pick up section. It was overflowing with orders. This is just a TV section ready for pickups from online shopping.

    • The shelves were also overflowing with products and poor sales assistants were completely overrun. One of them was very nice and actually ran out to the floor to get me the drive I ordered. Usurprisingly it was not ready for pick up even after 2 hours. It would have probably taken much longer if I didn’t show up in person. After waiting for a few minutes, she appeared with my drive in hand I was happy to get out of the store as it seemed to be getting busier with every passing minute.

      It took another 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot plus a massive detour to get home bypassing the shopping traffic. I guess I’m happy to get this deal, but would rather have it shipped home. I live about 1 mile from the Best Buy Store though.

      On a bright side, I now have a drive that I can use to finally consolidate all of the scattered drives around the house that are just waiting to fail and lose my photos. I’ll post the progress on photo consolidation project when I get started 😉

    • Yea, if I shoot with pixel shift and depending on the lighting, ONE photo can translate to over 650mb. hahahahah

      I never used to delete ANY photos from any particular catalog, but, now, I force myself to delete any and all photos that have zero value.