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    • From staying up to date to learning something new to discovering new entertainment, I wanted to gather together a group of folks who currently are staying at home to share their ideas and suggestions.

      Please share your reflection.

    • I am really regretting the fact that I didn’t invest in the company Zoom in November or so. The call for video conferencing software that allows good sized groups to interact has skyrocketed in the past three weeks. This one bit of tech has helped me stay connected, meet with individuals, and conduct class sessions.

    • I use my iPad to access news that I trust. Ny times,

      Washington post, guardian and RTÉ news keep me informed.

      Cake has proved invaluable for real world information on covid. People contributing from Spain , Malaysia, US, etc allow me to see how this is affecting all of us. Reading on an iPad for an hour each morning

      And it is reassuring that life goes on.

      WhatsApp groups keep me in touch with friends.

      I’m retired so don’t need any video conference apps but did use slack in a previous job and liked it.

    • Apple News+ is my go-to source for the latest news from credible sources. In normal times, I don’t engage as much with the latest developments around the World. The thinking is that these macro news have no effect on my daily life.

      The coronavirus changed everything. What seemed unimaginable, like lockdowns, became a reality for me and millions of others. Global news from yesterday are now local news today.

      Apple News+ and our community are my lifeline to stay informed on the pandemic, and away from the rampant misinformation on other networks.

      @Pathfinder’s insights and level of analysis, along with other regular contributors, answer many of my burning questions around the pandemic.

      Why do I care so much about the COVID-19? Well, my elderly father, who is turning 70 next year lives with us. He is in good health, but in a high risk group based on the statistics. It is up to me to keep my dad and girlfriend safe. So I’m doing my part in keeping them informed. They too then convey this information to their friends.

    • I also read a few magazines that are included in the Apple News+ subscription. Once in a while I would find some articles that are worthy of the subscription. I like to virtually flip through magazines and enjoy photographs of cool new products, beautiful places and fun outdoor activities. By virtue of being in a magazine these photos are already highly curated and polished.

    • will check out Apple news + , didn’t know they offered magazines

    • Nothing much has changed for me. I still use my desktop at home, with my laptop and smartphone as secondary devices.

      I did however go back through my Steam library to see what games I could play. I haven't had much luck with being productive recently, especially since I seem to have caught a flu (not that flu I'm pretty sure).

    • Things are a little slower down here, Work is still going on as normal for most, I'm still at work five days a week, thou from tomorrow they are spliting the workforce so half at the site and half from home and each week they will rotate so the other half is at work and the first half at home.

      All the Office PCs have started to be configured to be able to remote log on to the servers in the office, installing Zoom etc on each. So from my office laptop I can work from home as if working in the office, regarding the paper work side of things. As far as the physical movement of goods that will be a challange but over the next week or so I suspecet our suppliers will also start to shut down its all happening as if in slow motion here. The State Premier here tried to shut down the state on Sunday but the Prime Minster seemed to think it was not the time yet. Bit of a worry that bit, we're doubleing cases every few days now, still way down on a lot of countries but we're now catching up rapidly our curve is now steaper than most so thats not a good sign. So in the coming days, I'll be working from home and testing out how this work from home thing works, Internet speed is so so, Wifi through out the house, a few options for which room to use. Once I log into the servers at work I'll have access to all the databases and software needed, so should be reasonable OK just depends how it goes for network traffic with everyone remote logging in, with half starting as of tomorrow we'll soon find out.

    • Yep, I am heavily using Zoom, Teams, Skype to talk to people professionally. Despite this, in the work context, I am surprised how many people do not seem to use any of these tools (limiting themselves to SMS texts or WhatsApp).

      It is confusing that, having spent millions over the years on tech to allow people to work remotely, companies seem to be in a tailspin about letting them do so now. Mind you, I have often commented on how remote collaboration tools exist, but nobody wants (or knows how) to use them. How many people really know how all the features of Outlook work? So many times I have suggested to a customer that we share a doc link to work on something, only to be met with "hmm, could you sent it to me by email and I will mark up comments and send it back".

      On a personal level, almost nobody I know uses video conferencing, which is odd. I would have thought we would prefer to see our friends and family more than our work colleagues. For F&F it seems that WhatsApp is the clear winner, with multiple group chats established.

    • Radio is a great source of news and entertainment. I try not to turn on the tv before 9 pm. I have the radio on in the background all day and listen to a couple of current affairs shows each day

    • My radio these days is Spotify - I leave it on almost all day - much of it is Scottish and Irish groups too. I use the Sonos amp to play my speakers behind my workstation via my phone. I play no music through my computer anymore.

      When walking out of doors, ( if it is permitted these days), I listen to Spotify via AirPodPros. I do favor the noise cancelling mode, over my older AirPods. I wiped my AirPod Pros carefully with rubbing alcohol before using them ( since they departed China sometime after Janaury ) and I have survived several week now with their usage. You do have to SQUEEZE the dependent shafts now, rather than tapping them with your hand like for AirPods. Mildly annoying, but I have adapted. The Transparency mode works pretty well for managing spontaneous conversations on the trail.

      More to come...

    • Most people here are talking about work, and indeed for work I'm leaning heavily on Zoom with pretty good results. LIke @cbrownlmath, I wish I had bought stock in THAT.

      But since @StephenL asked about downtime, I have to admit, as someone who has been in tech my whole career, I'm almost embarrassed to say I have gone pretty LOW tech on the downtime. My wife and I are doing Jigsaw puzzles, going for walks when we can, listening to music, playing my (acoustic) piano, and when I am on my computer for non-work stuff, I have rediscovered Abbott and Costello on YouTube! Good ol' fashioned, clean, humor that is as funny today as it was 70 years ago. If you don't actually have the COVID-19 virus, laughter is one of the best medicines. Maybe I am naively hoping if I turn the clock far enough back on my downtime, this nightmare will all go away ;-)

    • Having just transitioned from world traveller to at home, unemployed, and in lockdown as Coronavirus has kicked off I'm not doing any Zoom meetings but as we've already been in isolation for a fortnight Netflix has been getting a bit of a workout.
      With NZ entering a mandatory 4 week lock-down from midnight tonight it'll be another 4 weeks at least before we roam free.

      I've also just this minute downloaded TeamViewer to try and set up RDP to my server at the other end of the house to sync 12,000 travel photos onto storage seeing as Win 10 Home doesn't support RDP natively.

      Apart from that I'm just starting J.S Morins' Robot Geneticists book series using Cool Reader on my Android phone.

      I think My Steam games might be getting a workout from week 2. I haven't been able to play anything for a year.

    • My spouse is working on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of an image of mine, I had made for her via Ravensburger . She seems to have infinite patience, and is needing it for this puzzle, the image of which is below.

      I am editing images I shot long ago, scanning some more old photos, and replacing the propane alarm in my Tiger RV.

      I want to begin tilling my garden as soon as it is dry enough; it is in my back yard and at least 50 yards from any neighbors so that should be safe enough. Much of my tech involves hammers, pliers, screwdrivers and an electric chainsaw...

      But it was very foggy this morning and 35ºF so it is still pretty cool out - but supposed to be in the mid 60sºF this afternoon.

      I am naturally disposed NOT to video chat or Zoom or whatever- but I know lots of folks are doing that just now. Here is a link from the Wall Street Journal about electronic tribal meetings and parties by Nicole Nguyen

    • I actually (foolishly) thought I would have more downtime than I do. My iPad is my “go to” for movies/ shows anyway and I was ( not so secretly) hoping for time to begin to watch my Netflix list!

      So far that is not happening.

      There have been Zoom/ Google Meet meetings

      (Truth: I had to start doing some of these via phone as screen close ups meant my mild (!) annoyance for certain colleagues was all to easy to see, and much to difficult to hide).

      Much to my surprise I have had to create many more “how to” documents for the students. I knew I would get asked to do this for colleagues, but wasn’t expecting to have to do it for the students. Beginning to wonder about this generation who were born with a phone and tablet!

      Am still hoping to watch a few more movies than I usually do ....