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    • Yesterday a story about Steve Jobs made it to near the top of Hacker News, so we got a lot of request for invites. What are your first impressions? What do you want to see that you're not seeing?


    • I love it. I'm doing a lot more reading than writing, but there seems to be some smart cookies on board.

      I guess there's a certain amount of wait and see. I think/hope this turns into something really amazing.

    • Anecdotally we've noticed that people who are signing up don't immediately start a conversation or jump in and post in one. It also seem like a lot of people really enjoy reading and reacting here and there.

      Perhaps it just takes time to feel comfortable with engaging in a new community and feel welcomed? 🤔

    • I am still trying to understand it's logic, and by that I mean how topics and people come to my attention when visiting here. I am not an organized person and usually thrive in my own chaos, thus I use searches often ;-) But it's different when someone wants to "discover" unknown things. I usually just follow Chris's posts, for example, to find interesting stuff ;-)

    • Love the weather vane - here is mine from my barn

      I am enjoying cake a great deal. I like the pleasant interaction, intelligent literate posters, and general lack of negative posts. I look forward to the Search function which I understand is coming soon. The lack of negative political posts is a breath of fresh air too.

    • I like the premise, and the free-form layout of following topics, vs. maybe following a specific thread in a subforum. This feels sort of like a "Medium"-light

      A couple of improvements from my perspective would be to implement category blocking alongside member blocking. For members that join and simply want to follow uplifting, positive, and/or non-confrontational categories; there can be some anxiety when opening the site and greeted with a full screen of political posts due to a member's choice to post a lot at once and tag them with categories that might bleed over. I saw this last week one day when I opened the site and the whole screen was political, even though I haven't chosen any politics categories to follow.

      A second improvement (and this may exist, but I have not yet figured out) is being able to post photos inline with text, rather than after all the text has been entered. The little photo posting icon remains at the bottom of the text in a post and seems like it should allow an image to be inserted, then begin a new paragraph.

      I have followed quite a few categories that I normally would not have in a topic-specific message board. For that, I'm very appreciative; keep up the excellent work!

    • Ridge, thank you for your feedback. Blocking the entire category like "Politics" makes a lot of sense. We'll definitely consider this feature. For member "blocking" we already have 2 features "Ignore" and "Mute" which you can use depending on a circumstance. While reading a post on the opposite side of the member's profile photo there is a small dropdown containing these two features.

      Your second suggestion has also been on our list as well: the ability to post multiple photos mixed with commentary in a single post. We'll definitely keep it in mind.

    • I second the request for the ability to post more than one image in a post - Trip/journey style posts, like were common on advrider, almost require the ability to have multiple images, with text interspersed among them.

      I like linking images as well, although I do understand the concern with broken links that have occurred with some failed websites in the past. Is there a reason the ability to link an image can't be limited to a select set of image storing websites that the founders of Cake feel are reliable for image storage into the future - like Google images or Smugmug, or others? And maybe require them to be domestic as well? Linking images also allows a poster to choose the size of the image shared via the link, without having to resize them each time before uploading if uploading directly from one's own image archive.

    • Hmmm, that’s pretty interesting, Pathfinder. Maybe a whitelist of sites that we let you link to? I wonder how to make that list; I was always nervous about Photobucket because I couldn’t understand their model and they really leveled a body blow on our ride reports. On the other hand, SmugMug charges and some people close their accounts if they lose their jobs or whatever.

    • I hate to mention the big behemoth, Google Photos, but you mentioned how much you like it, and their face recognition software to help sort your images. Amazon also has a Photo storage site as well, doesn't it? At this point I am not wanting to post images on FB.

      I can't imagine closing my Smugmug site. As I grow older, I have begun thinking about what happens to it when I am no longer breathing.

      I still print a modest amount of prints as well. Call me an antique, old fashioned even, but prints are almost the only thing I have from my great grand parents and their antecedents from the mid to late 19th century.

    • so if I follow a thread then visit that page, why is the notification still on? You are tracking which pages I visit I assume and where I go from there, so it might be easy to sort the notification list an mark as read if the thread has been visited. Always in there for tracking later?
      Also, is there a way to switch to mobile or large screen modes, the page approach to the feed is good for mobile to limit auto downloads but a pain for continuous browsing on a desktop or larger screen.

    • I use SmugMug for my keepers that I want my friends and family to be able to find easily. A simple permalink takes you there, or a Google search, because it's not a walled garden like Facebook. Teens aren't really on Facebook anymore and millennials seem to be slowly fading there, but they can always find photos of themselves on my SmugMug.

      I also use it to feed photos into my posts on some forums I've hung out on over the years, like ADVrider and SlowTwitch.

      My whole reason for using Google Photos is the face recognition. On the one hand, when it's good it's incredible. I have so many photos I just can't tag them all on SmugMug.

      I don't know why Google Photos sometimes fails to include some images and doesn't seem to have a way to identify a person for the ones it misses. Maybe it's something I'm missing?

      I had an Amazon photo hosting account for a year but I didn't see what it got me over my SmugMug account, where I had better customization options, among other things.

    • An Android app would be so sweet because so far, we've been able to deliver a richer editor experience on iOS than on Android without a native app. We're reaching out to Google to see what can be done, but a lot of people have tried and so far we are where we are.

    • I really like that none of my "friends" are on here. I finally have some fresh canvas where I don't have to dance around with how I post. Cake is definitely different and I enjoy the threads being posted.

    • I look forward to the Search function which I understand is coming soon.

      Keep the feedback coming. The beginnings of search is now live. We are starting with topic search and there is more to come.


    • It would be nice to have an "hide" button for posts that don't interest me. Multiple images would be nice. I guess what I'm looking for is a merge between Instagram and Facebook.

    • Thank you for your feedback! Multiple images per post is definitely on our to-do list. Just wanted to clarify: "hide" button for posts, do you mean hide conversations you aren't interested in seeing in the feed, or posts like this one that I'm replying to you in a conversation?

    • First post...

      I suspect with the impending demise of the Google+ platform, announced today, there may be another wave of interested users to the platform.

    • Thank you, Ken, and welcome to Cake!

      I've wondered how much traffic they are getting for awhile there. I see some pretty good conversations when I have a chance to visit. It's incredible that they reportedly invested $575 million in starting it.