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    • Welcome to Cake, @RandallSnyderJr!

      We don't currently have any upper limit on the total number of topics a user may follow. What you probably ran into was a limit on the number of topics a user may follow within one minute.

      Currently, that limit is 60 follows per minute. So in order to hit the limit, you'd need to follow at least one topic per second for 60 seconds. But if you wait another minute, the limit will be lifted and you'll be able to follow more topics.

      The purpose of this limit is purely technical: it's meant to protect our systems against possible abuse. If we didn't impose a limit, then a malicious person might be able to overwhelm Cake's servers by writing an automated tool that just constantly followed and unfollowed thousands of topics. Our goal definitely isn't to prevent users from legitimately following topics, so I'm sorry you ran into that limitation.

    • When I go to the home icon it defaults to "FOR YOU" is it possible for users to choose one of the 4 options as a default. (FOR YOU - FOLLOWING - FEATURED - ALL)?

    • At the moment we always default to the “For You” feed whenever you visit “Home” icon or log into Cake. We do remember specific sorting preferences for each feed though.

      I would love to know more about why you want to have another feed set as default. If so, which feed would it be?

    • I'd prefer the All feed with the New option.

      That way I could do a quick scan and decide what new topics may interest me.

      We also have the follow option for threads that are of greater interest.

      I'm happy to click the All tab, I just did not know if I was missing a function to change the default on a personal level.

      No biggie.


    • Hey Russ,

      Just to check to make sure I understand, if you go to All, then click on a conversation, then click the back button, it takes you back to All, right? I'm checking to see if you use the back button for navigation. I know, it's broken on some sites (cough, Google Images) so we're training people not to use it, but we took care to make it work.


    • Once I've selected ALL and then go to a conversation the back button takes me back to ALL, using both Chrome and Safari.

      Edit: Also works on Firefox.

    • I also don't use the home button. I just put a link on my bookmark bar that takes me to /all/new

      If a topic is ever made that I just don't want to see any conversation on, I'm not sure what I would do then.

    • I use the All option normally with Active. The volume is still pretty low and I wouldn't want to miss some of the interesting things that don't exactly fit into my main interests, like Christine Mcconnell. When the volume jumps, I imagine I'll switch to For Me as my default.

      I found it irritating that choosing All was not sticky, but I got around that easily enough by creating a browser bookmark with /all, which is what I normally use to get to the site. You could do this with any of the other options as well. FYI.