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    • Very interesting article about women and men, in school and in the office.

      As an overachieving female in school this opinion piece really resonated with me. Even as an adult taking a foreign language class from a local community college I decided I could not do my very best and so I chose Pass/Fail for my grade. My teacher took me aside at the end of the course and said that I had earned an A in the class and was confused why I had chosen Pass/Fail. I had thought my efforts were not up to the best I could do and was afraid of failure.

      I loved this quote from the piece, "A colleague of mine likes to remind teenagers that in classes where any score above 90 counts as an A, the difference between a 91 and a 99 is a life."

    • Hmm. I’m also an “over”achiever and have had to learn what’s really worth a full court press.

      That being said, I wonder that the article paints this as a purely negative characteristic and inhibitory to getting the male-dominated executive jobs. What about seeing it as a potential boon that uniquely qualifies women for certain other jobs? I know that working at SmugMug, my relentless attention to detail and desire to do a job thoroughly were well-rewarded with greater responsibilities and commensurate pay raises. Some people I worked with (male, as it happened) were quicker to say “good enough” so they sometimes missed problems or opportunities to improve the business.

      I didn’t have a desire to become an executive, but it’s not from lack of confidence. I think when we talk about the gender pay gap we too often assume women automatically should want and will enjoy the same jobs men do.