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    • It is possible that the biggest enemy Cake has is simply time. If we just keep hanging in there and putting out more content, maybe at some point the scale will tip in the type of direction that we all want.

      I agree that time is a major factor, but from a different perspective. Reading is seen as a time consumer nowadays. Many people don't want to spend time reading when they can watch a video or listen to a podcast. Same might go for creating content. I know I take several days to write some of my lengthier posts, and maybe others just don't have the time (or don't want to commit the time) to do the same? Sure they could write short posts, nothing wrong with that, but then what's the difference between Cake and Twitter if Cake is flooded with short posts that contain little to no substance?

      I think Cake definitely isn't for everyone, so the challenge isn't just finding people, but finding the right people who might enjoy the platform. There's definitely a lot of passionate people on the internet who would love to debate and discuss their favourite topics with others, we just need to "lure" them here. Topics like movies and TV series, video games, smartphones, sports, these seem to have the most vocal followers (that I've seen), so having content that revolves around these topics might help for a start. From my own experience, these topics seem to be lacking on Cake. I try my best to contribute to these topics but we need more.

      Even if @slamdunk406 and I take over the Cake Twitter account, we still need content to share to get the ball rolling.

    • In response to your question to @JazliAziz

      If the things that are posted here are things which can be read elsewhere then why would we expect that to produce an influx of new people to Cake.

      An Analogy:

      Often when a news event occurs, I will select one news source that does not appear to be extremist and read their article and if the article seems non-controversial not reaad any of the other articles available from other news sources on the same subject.

      Likewise, if the only things which are posted here are things which come from other internet sources then why would we get more than a trickle of new Cake users?

    • It seems I worded my question poorly.

      You are completely right, of course! Any content that is created here with the goal to eventually generate new users for Cake needs to be original. Just repeating stuff that can also be found elsewhere doesn't help much - this only works if Cake happens to be the site someone visits for content first, before going elsewhere.

      This is already a good insight for anyone who wants to do the "content creation" bit, but I had something different in mind with my question. Allow me to rephrase:

      If you "create content" to post here, and take days to do that - what's your actual goal, and do you think that this goal is best served by posting the content you created on Cake?

    • Paid content creators on here create high end content which is great but they also require higher wages. Turning to a much much lower level of content creator is what’s needed. High end can come later if needed. Or maybe have a variety of content creators. Overseas, students or low wage workers are needed.

    • How about creating a way for content creators to make money here? YouTube does it. Instagram and Pinterest do it. Needs to be a way for some ambitious people with assorted interests to make money getting things going. What do you think?

    • How about some way for content creators to reach different levels? People want recognition and reward. It needn’t be financial though. Maybe little milestone badges for for example creating a conversation that reaches 100 replies, 200, and 1000. An award for most targets or thumbs up. Strava (an amazingly popular app) has these kind of little milestone badges or awards. Third party advertisers or companies can pay to get their award on there. Like most threads started with over 15 comments for Spanish dancing. Or...basically anything here. It’s a way to make advertisers get involved but doesn’t take away from the user experience. Many social media companies first try to build millions of users before they advertise but it doesn’t have to be that way.

    • Needs to be an incentive for assorted social media users to post a link to Maybe a prize for a random user each week or month that provides a link to cake. Each post or new person they get here enters them in a prize. Needn’t be any big or expensive thing.

    • They’ve made great content but not enough people here that are interested in it. Definitely not enough females here. Not enough every type of person.

    • I think one thing that has to be kept in mind is you really don’t know what type of user would potentially explode cake. It’s like when some new science is discovered and people guess at what future technology or benefit may come of it but in actuality it’s some unexpected thing that comes from it. Maybe it’s teen girls, maybe bisexual community, maybe hunters, maybe single mothers. One really doesn’t know but the magic of this site is that it could be anyone or any type of user. Maybe cake could target large disgruntled users from another social media platforms. Just so many potential ways this could explode. It’s almost dumb luck that could explode it. Where to focus the energy and advertising is the million dollar question. I think it needs to be open to being a way people can make revenue from creating great conversations. Many people around the world will create things for next to nothing, particularly if it’s in their area of expertise.

    • Cake has intelligent and reflective users. That for me is a key thing. These people also expose me to other things I never knew of. It’s the high quality of ideas from others that makes me keep coming back. I sometimes most value the users who have views different from my own who force me to tighten my argument or change my views.

    • Yes original content is great and all but I don’t think cake needs to be exclusively original. It can be and has been a place that provides conversations in many cases about things that have been created elsewhere. No limits to what cake can be.

    • Deep down, there is a reason.. if Cake is something select, then only a select few will feel well belonging. Lower/widen the 'admission' criteria - meaning less restrictive on what's being posted - and use spam-like techniques that apparently work well to advertise? Do what Microsoft did in it's infancy, give away everything free. .. umm.. what are we talking about here, Cake is a 'place' on the web. It needs to find ways to create the massive digital signature of a black hole equivalent, on the search engines, to attract! .. to attract what?!

    • This is not generally a bad idea, but to be honest I think it is unrealistic to talk about it at the point where Cake currently seems to be. If people that have been paid before to create content no longer are, and even just the running costs presumably look like a lost investment to @Chris, then I don't know where this money would come from (let alone the infrastructure necessary to make it work in the first place).

      If we're talking about outside money, then this again is a vicious circle. People on YouTube are paid because their videos are seen a million times, for example - and with no reliable audience, or even a visible view counter for individual conversations, no one is going to pay someone for articles here.

      A subscription model is a bit different from that. Medium, for example, has a "partner program" where you can decide to have any or all of your content be only visible to other "members" and get paid according to how much time other people spend on your content:

      Again, not a bad thing in general - but applied to Cake, this would mean that new users would see even less content, while content creators who want to get paid would still need to answer the question why they are doing it here in the first place, and not elsewhere where there's a bigger audience waiting for them.

    • If you "create content" to post here, and take days to do that - what's your actual goal, and do you think that this goal is best served by posting the content you created on Cake?

      I write because I enjoy it. And I also enjoy it when other people enjoy reading what I write. Cake serves both goals. It provides me with a platform to write and the people here generally tend to enjoy what I write.

      Previously Google+ served both purposes. Twitter can't because it's not made for long-form content, and I could write on a personal site, but then I lose the views that Cake gives me. I don't really want to achieve popularity or revenue through my writing. It's just something I enjoy doing.